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Rotting Cock
Rotting Cock was founded on the dark year of 1998 while two friends Lord Butcher and Corpsesplitter wanted to express their dark and brutal feelings in music. Soon they felt that using solely drums and bass won't give the truly brutal sound of the band and in 1999 Grim Behemoth joined the band with his 6 stringed beast. After years a rehearsal in 2006 the band felt their music is now mature and they decided to record their first EP. Thanks to Honore Records and Jussi Yläskäläinän who were more than happy to help the band, the first EP was recorded in Honore Studios Helsinki during the ending of 2006 and beginning of 2007. On 11. February the EP was officially released, and the brutality of Rotting Cock is now available for all the Ultra Brutal Death gurmans over the world!
Band name: Rotting Cock
Location: Tallinn
Genre: death metal
Style: Ultra Brutal Death Metal
Founded: 1998
Corpse-Splitter - Drums and vocals
Lord Butcher - Bass and Vocals
Grim Behemoth - Guitar
Sir Maniac Fucker - Guitar
Previous members:
Remastered Demos 2001 - 2003 2007

1. I have two stomachs
2. Don't pee the blood on my shirt
3. Butchered boob of New Germany
4. Rotting in Bukkake Club
5. Dalai Fucking Lama
6. Masturbate with Slipper
7. Pervert is Having Fun
8. Voices From My Toilet
9. Hard Cock Camp

My Sister Is Dead And I Fuck Her Corpse Every Day 2007

1. Undead Dogs Are Fucking On My Street
2. Blowjob To The Satan
3. Brutal Porn Of The Christ
4. My Asshole Is Not With Me Anymore
5. My Sister Is Dead And I Fuck Her Corpse Every Day
6. Rotting Cock | mp3

E-mail: rottingcock (at)
Last change: 21-06-2007 added new release
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