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D.N.R. - the one and only active Black-Grind act from Tallinn was formed in 1996. Though the lineup has been quite unstable, the band has performed several live shows and in 2000, a 5-track demo "Die Ewigen Mauern" was recorded.

Then followed some more lineup changes - Siim joined the group in 2004 as a bassist and the only members from the original lineup are Eku and Rites as Margus left the band in 2005. The same year two guitarists, Chain and Side, joined the force.

The year 2006 began with the band's 10th birthday and yet more changes in the lineup. Rites left the band. As there was no hope of finding a new vocalist who would meet all expectations, Siim and Side decided to fill his place by dividing vocal parts. Siim would growl from low and Side would take the higher parts. Also most of the lyrics are being rewritten, as the old ones weren't reflecting our message anymore.

D.N.R. will be back on the stage soon, being faster and more brutal than ever! Be prepared!

Due to the departure of Side, Siim is now on guitar and we have a new bassist, Madis. After some time we've been able to come out with a demo. Our new song War Unleashed is available for download.
Band name: D.N.R.
Location: Tallinn
Genre: black metal
Style: Blackdeath Metal
Founded: 1996   RIP: 2006
Eku - Drums Kalm
Siim - Guitar, Vocals Mass In Comatose
Chain - Lead Guitar
Madis - Bass
Previous members:
Rites - Vocals, Guitar (1996-2006)
Side - Guitar, Vocals (2005-2006)
Margus - Guitar (1996-2005)
Lord - Bass (2001-2004)
Alan - Bass (2000)
Andrus Tins - Bass (1996-1998)
Destroy all 2006

1. Battle Of The Blue Mountains
2. War Unleashed | mp3
3. Destroy All
4. Vanished Foes

Die Ewigen Mauern 2000

1. Bitch Witch
2. And the End Begins
3. Satanic Reality | mp3
4. Last War Memories
5. Die Ewigen Mauern | mp3

Tracks on compilations:
Hauatagused karjed vol.2 - Estonian extreme metal compilation 2005

1. D.N.R. - Defiance to Aziel

  • Fuck Off
  • Other downloads:
  • Battle Of The Blue Mountains (REH)
  • Website:
    E-mail: biox (at)
    Other contacts:
    Eku +372 51 42 592
    Last change: 22-11-2006 changed picture

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