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Surrogoat was founded in the beginning of 1999, and rehearsals started very soon in a new place called Kruusaauk. And club Khattra was founded, too, that began to maintain the place. Founding members were Rauno Veeroja (from Metsaline, drums) and Kalmistu (from Beyond Acvilon, bass). Soon Mart Paadik joined the band. He played guitar. Surrogoat played a very primitive form of black metal back then.

We needed more powerful sound, so Kristjan Luiga alias Luix joined the band. So we had Rauno on drums, Kalmistu on bass, Luix and Mart on guitars. Luix made some vocals, too.

In the end of 2000 Mart left the band, and only one guitar remained. We changed our style to death metal in 2001. We already had some serious songs ready, so we headed for a studio for a first time.

Our demo album "Excuses for Oppression" saw daylight in August 2001. In was recorded in Kruusaauk, produced by Urmas Voevodin.

The worst thing was, we hadn't made any live performances. We decided to fix that problem. In autumn we invited Alvar from Irdhing to play lead guitar. He agreed and finally, on November 17, 2001 we gave our first gig in Kruusaauk.

In 2002 we did a gig in Bremen Pub (Tallinn). After that Kalmistu left the band. He was replaced by Enor. We were looking for another guitarist, Ghost from Tarbatu made some attempts, but didn't stay. On June 6 we gave a concert on Võru Motocamp in Kubija.

From the beginning of summer 2003 we moved from Tartu to Võru with our rehearsals. We took a new guitarist, too - Mihkel (ex-Org).

On September 6 we hit the stage over a long period. This time we warmed up Behemoth in Tartu Sadamateater, along with Horricane and Ecthalion. After that Alvar left the band. He was soon replaced by Jaanus (Morigan, ex-Org).

In 2004 band gave some gigs in Võru, and in August presented their new demo "Landscapes of Condolence" in Rockstars, Tallinn.
Demo also received a bunch of good reviews worldwide.

In the beginning of 2005, our longtime bassist Enor left the band and was replaced by guitarist Jaanus.
Band name: Surrogoat
Location: Võru
Genre: death metal
Style: old-school death metal
Founded: 1999
Luix - vocals
Mihkel - lead guitar
Jaanus - bass Realm of Carnivora, Helena Nova
Rauno - drums
Previous members:
Enor - bass (2002-2005)
Alvar - guitar (2001-2003) Irdhing
Kalmistu - bass (1999-2002)
Ghost - guitar (2002) Tarbatu
Mart - guitar (1999-2000)
Kristo - bass (2000)
Landscapes of Condolence 2004

1. Rottenminded Clerk | mp3
2. World War III
3. El Niño Satánicos
4. Rise From Below | mp3
5. Demonic Rain
6. Into the Misery | mp3

Excuses For Oppression 2001

1. Mentally Handicapped
2. Ruderoads | mp3
3. Excuses For Oppression | mp3
4. Modern Inspirations
5. Mentally Handicapped (remix) | mp3

Tracks on compilations:
Hauatagused karjed vol.2 2005

1. Rise From Below

E-mail: luixart (at)
Last change: 17-02-2005 added review (active from 3.3.2005.)
Band has 6 reviews.

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