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A project that started out in 2004 as two guys playing and experimenting with grindcore, Goresoerd has quickly evolved into the spearhead of intelligent, vicious and tongue-in-cheek extreme music in the Estonian scene. Goresoerd’s music can be described as a truly eclectic feast with influences varying from mainstream rock to crust hardcore. Hectic, hyper-driven and entertaining live shows have paved the way for the band’s success. In February 2010 Goresoerd unleashed its second full-length, entitled "Tüdruk ja Surm" ("Maiden And Death"), backed by an unerring sense of hit-worthiness and the solid punch delivered in the lyrics by the legendary and infamous Estonian writer Sven Kivisildnik — resulting in a bizarre "rock opera" involving lethally precise death metal riffing, catchy melodic soloing and violent, varied vocal hooks, wherein all possible borders between the real and the grotesque come down in a sickly bout of gallows-humour.
Band name: Goresoerd
Location: Tallinn
Genre: alternative/other
Style: Grind Death Grotesque
Founded: 2006
Stig - guitar/vocals Discrucior, Forfeit, Scavenger, Symbolic State
Nagy - vocals Catafalc
Ken - drums Catafalc, SpitBlood, Nihilistikrypt
Martin - bass
Meelis - guitar Whaw!Zaiks, Cenotaph, Tharaphita
Previous members:
Uziel - bass (2007-2008) Ignorabimus, Jogane Munno, Catafalc, Nihilistikrypt
Kari - guitar (2006-2008) Scavenger, Symbolic State
Ando - bass (2006-2007) Catafalc, Nitrous
Kuningas Direktor VIDEO 2012

1. Kuningas Direktor

Kuningas Direktor CDS 2012

1. Kuningas Direktor

Goresoerd / Tukkanuotta 2010

1. Tukkanuotta (Tukkanuotta)
2. Kivimetsän Broidi (Tukkanuotta)
3. Surm Ka Ei Tea (Goresoerd)
4. Kõik On Segi (Goresoerd)

Tsirkus CDS 2010

1. Tsirkus

Göölfrend Ootab Bussi CDS 2010

1. Göölfrend Ootab Bussi

Tüdruk Ja Surm 2010

1. Hellõuiin
2. Hauakivid | mp3
3. Elujooks
4. Göölfrend Ootab Bussi
5. Tappev Töö | mp3
6. Tüdruk Ja Surm
7. Surm Ka Ei Tea
8. Kontmees
9. Kui Surm Kannab Valget | mp3
10. Monogaam
11. Vaid Meie Kolm
12. Lõppvaatus
13. Surmakutsar
14. Surm.a.Pohmell (Boonus)

Hauakivid CDS 2010

1. Hauakivid

Choice For Tonight (Promo) 2008

1. Gay Bar (Electric Six cover)
2. Pop Rock Cowboy
3. Branchmetal Ode (Martin L.Goresoerd Remix by Forgotten Sunrise)
4. I Wish To Love Myself

Goremarket Mid-Prices 2007

1. For Idiots All Over The World | mp3
2. Have A Nice Fucking Day
3. Circle Of Masturbators
4. Sin You Are
5. Bitch Hard The Girls Squad´
6. Ghosts From The Toilet
7. Dämneission
8. Dig The Romance
9. Goremarket Mid-Prices
10. Give Me Some Shit
11. B.O.M Fuckers
12. Wretched In Catwalk | mp3
13. Pop Rock Cowboy
14. Basement Medic
15. Like Lingerie For Hardworkers | mp3
16. IBM (Interrogated, Brutally Mutilated)
17. Three Of Us

Nekromantik 2006

1. Gore - Nation
2. A.N.U.S. Lover | mp3
3. Shot Six Times
4. Nekromantik | mp3
5. Fucked By Thousands Of Corpses
6. Branchmetal Ode

Tracks on compilations:
Jägermeister Rock Liiga 2011 2011

1. Hauakivid

Roostevaba # 2 2007

1. Like Lingerie For Hardworkers
2. For Idiots All Over The World

  • Gore-Nation
  • Tsirkus
  • Supermarket Mid-Prices
  • Gay Bar (Electrix Six cover) and Give Me Some Shit Live HRL 29.06.2007
  • Kunigas Direktor
  • Halloween (HR Laager 2009 Live)
  • Website:
    E-mail: goresoerd66 (at)
    Other contacts:
    Stig + 372 56 248 266
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    Band has 17 reviews.
    Band has 4 news.

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