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Morgue's Last Choice
MLC was born in 2002 when Lunastaja experimented with the ugliest, slowest industrial-noise-ambient that face of the earth could stand. In 2004 JkPoig and Põrguisand joined. With their help MLC's first full-length album "Vulgaria Necrofilia" and EP "HallmaSSSeenkasvaja" were recorded.

In 2006 Suva joined the band and the previosly Dark Industrial project became to be more metal-centric. Strong influences from Doom and Black metal crawled in. With this sound two gigs were held in Tallinn.

20. January 2007 declared the next phase in our evil secret plan. Full length demo album Killer Fungus was released with gig in Tartu Rock&Roll club together with Aldevia and Celestial Crown.

Currently Morgue's Last Choice is taking a little rest for a month and then we start preparing for the next strike.
Band name: Morgue's Last Choice
Location: Tallinn
Genre: doom metal
Style: Doom/Dark/Industrial Metal
Founded: 2002
Lunastaja - vocals
Suva - sampler, effects Catalepsy
Previous members:
Graveheart - keyboards (2008)
JkPoig - sampler (session) (2006-2007)
Põrguisand - sampler (2003-2005)
Killer Fungus 2007

1. Muskariinisündroom
2. Killer Fungus
3. Raped
4. Haud | mp3
5. Grus Paradisum
6. Kiudloor Puudub (Second Destruction)
7. Vampyrium (DepreSSion SeSSion)
8. Virgiinne Morbiidsus
9. Unistus Õnnelikust Surmast
10. Screamus Vag/Zombied Future
11. Recueillement (Rahunemine)
12. Õnnelik

MLC 2006

1. Killer Fungus
2. Screamus Vag
3. Kiudloor Puudub
4. Virgiinne Morbiidsus | mp3
5. Õnnelik

HallmaSSSeenkasvaja 2005

1. Maksakramp
2. Palavik
3. Mükoplasma
4. Õuduste Maja (Adolf Relisium)
5. Crematorium
6. Psychological Nexus
7. Vulgarium
8. Muskariin
9. Brain Hemathoma
10. Plasma
11. Heemus

Vulgaria Necrofilia 2004

1. Morgue Anthem
2. 71 Species
3. Muscaria
4. Brain Hemathoma
5. Vampyrium
6. March of Rotten Ones
7. Kiudloor Puudub
8. Disco Morgum
9. Screamus Vag
10. Recueillement
11. Inocybe Patouillardii

Tracks on compilations:
Surmaeelsed Karjed Vol 1. 2006

1. Screamus vag
2. Inocybe Patouillardii

E-mail: lunastaja (at)
Last change: 27-02-2007 edited lineup
Band has 1 review.

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