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Assamalla was born in the early summer of 1996, when Andre Pichen, Erki Hirv and Veigo Peetsalu, having displaced their previous non-metal groups, decided to try something different, mixing black metallish guitars with keyboards and some mythical epic themes the band was influenced by at the time. Assamalla was the first metal band in Estonia to start using national epic figures in their lyrics. After a one year break an active period started in the spring of 1998, involving three more members - Meelis Vapper, Kaarit Kiibus and Hanno Kiibus - in constant rehearsals. After half a year of polishing the material Assamalla was ready to hit the stage, and the best way to do that was to organize their own small festival called "Põrguwärk", which grew quite fast and involved a lot of bands from all over the Baltics. The festival took place four times. Assamalla hit the studio in the beginning of 1999 and finished their debut demo in May. In the middle of 1999 the band looked for a partner for recording a split CD, and a perfect match was found in Kalm. After successful recordings a release-party of the split-album "Igaveseks mälestama mõistetud" ("Forever Condemned to Remember") took place. Half a month later Alan died in a tragic car-accident, which had quite a negative effect on Assamalla's doings, because Alan had been the key-person in Assamalla's every recording session, and thus all future plans collapsed. Assamalla survived about a year with a new drummer Indrek Talts, but the structure of the band had become fragile and the band fell...
Band name: Assamalla
Location: Pärnu
Genre: black metal
Style: melodic native black metal
Founded: 1996   RIP: 2001
Erki - Vocals Horricane, Worse Than Failure
Pichen - Guitar Whispering Forest, Horricane
Veigo - Bass Kalm, Horricane
Kaarit - Keyboard
Indrek - Drums Whaw!Zaiks, Terroristic Professy, Sex Machine
Previous members:
Meelis - Guitar (1998-2000)
Hanno - Drums (1998-2000)
Igaveseks Mälestama Mõistetud (split with Kalm) 2000

1. Üksinduse kuningas (Kalm)
2. Mälestuses langenud tähtedele (Assamalla) | mp3
3. Olen teist tüdinud (Kalm)
4. Kivisse raiutuna (Assamalla)
5. Verineid C18u (Kalm, original by Assamalla)
6. Vaikusest vaevatuna (Meie hing ei hävi) (Assamalla, original by Kalm)
7. Ärgates unenäost (Kalm)
8. ...kes lahkunud üksteise südameist (Assamalla)

Taamalt tõustet toonetarmu 1999

1. Assamalla lahing
2. Verineid
3. Muistsete tulede öö
4. Kättemaksule tuule ja veega | mp3
5. Tasumine
6. Vaevasõunast

Tracks on compilations:
Worship Judas Priest 2001

1. Night Crawler | mp3

Eesti Metali Enziklopöödia Nr. 2 2001

1. 1. Kivisse Raiutuna

Dark Fire Dancing IV 2001

1. ...kes lahkunud üksteise südameist

Other downloads:
  • Assamalla & Kalm (Remastered Demos) 2001
  • Kalm VS Assamalla (Igaveseks mälestama mõistetud) 2000
  • Website:
    E-mail: pichen (at)
    Last change: 05-11-2004 added review (active from 15.11.2004.)
    Band has 2 reviews.

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