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In 1998 Küüvits Sünge decided to form band, something in the vein of Burzum and Kalm. Even band name was already chosen – Soontagana. 2000 Küüvits met Kristjan, who was inspired by folk metal, so instead of playing black metal, they tried to create some national romantic metal. Later Kristjan left, Soontagana was put on held and then, 2002 became another nameless one-man-band. In 2004 Küüvits moved from Pärnu to Põlva and in autumn 2005 he found new members for new band: Kägo - guitar, Sander - bassguitar, Mari-Liis - synth (left after few months) and Mäks - drums (later replaced by Thonolan). And band gets name “Tarm” ( willpower) . After some rehersals Küüvits Sünge decided to focus only on vocals and Oliver joined for second guitar. With this new line-up first live was performed in 21-04-2006 at klubi Rock & Roll, Tartu.
2007 in February, Kägo was excluded from band. Band had several disagreements, what lead to collapse. After midsummer was clear, who goes on what way. Reasons were „building” disagreements and wish of Küüvits to move back to Pärnu. Last gig with old lineup, happened on 26. April in Pärnu Rock Club. At autumn Küüvits called to Saku and they started to look for new bandmembers. Before end of year, Küüvits invited Tanel to join the band.
2008 all vacant lineup places were filled: Artur-guitar, Priit-bassguitar and Erkki-drums. In December was clear that Saku will not continue in Tarm.
Band name: Tarm
Location: Pärnu
Genre: black metal
Style: Raw Pagan Black Metal
Founded: 2002
Küüvits Antso - vocals, guitars, drums, lyrics Soontagana
Priit - bass Soontagana, Third Descent
Previous members:
Tanel - guitar (2007-2009) Moonlight Descends, Third Descent
Erkki-Siim - session drums (2008-2009) Catafalc, Third Descent, Anal Caves
Artur - guitar (2008-2009)
Saku - synth (2007-2008) Moonlight Descends, Third Descent
Oliver - guitar (2006-2007) Urt, Gas, Altheria, Sõjaruun
Kägo - guitar (2005-2007)
Thonolan - drums (2005-2007) Manatark, Realm of Carnivora, Sorts, Bestia, Vanad Varjud, Hord, Urt, Gas, Sõjaruun, Mass In Comatose, ÜrgSiuG
Sander - bass (2005-2007) Urt, Gas, Sõjaruun, Connatural Terror
Mari-Liis - synth (2005-2006)
Mäks - drums (2005)
Siis Kui Laantes Saabub Hämarus 2010

1. Siis Kui Laantes Saabub Hämarus
2. Oleme Metslased
3. Oma Kurjusega Hävitame
4. Sokuvitu Kultuse Juurdumise
5. Pimedaima Oru Vihavalda
6. Kus Nöder Inimmöistus
7. Öiste Häälte Verejanust
8. Kardetuna Piinleb-Ohverdav Ori.

Nad Tulevad Kääpaist 2008

1. Tasa Nutvas Tuules
2. Nad Tulevad Kääpaist
3. Miski Pole Jääv
4. Lahkunuist
5. Paganate Maa
6. Üksinduse Nutetud Pisarad
7. Otsatu Haud
8. Ood Agooniale

Veretasu Maade Poeg 2006

1. Intro
2. Veretasu Maade Poeg
3. Estland Viiking
4. Igaviku Haldja
5. Piinle Sa Värdjas
6. Läbi Koolnu Silmade

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