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The Storm
The Storm is a hard working metal band from Estonia, Jõhvi. Their music combines power and heavy metal with a bit of gothic and even pop. This kind of mix produces a unique rich and
powerful sound which is melodic and tough at the same time. All members are bound with local
music school, were their musical career started. Most of the members have been in a big band
together. On the stage they are at their best creating an amazing show while showing their
top technical skills that make most of the audience to glare at them.

Band has released yet a two song EP "The Storm" and figured actively around Estonia and have
managed to create a solid fan base here.

The Storm was formed in October 2002, when three young students Siim, Rain and Marko decided
to join forces to show how to rock really hard in Estonia really hard. Since then the line up has
changed couple of times. The new lineup brings together 6 professional musicians who’s
dedication deserves to be noticed. The Storm line up is:

Sigrid Nõlvak alias Six, whose amazingly high vocals can be compared to the likes of
Nightwish, Within Temptation. She's still singing in the local music studio to develop her
good vocal.

Behind the solo guitar is the bands heart and soul Siim Avikainen to whom everything gets
organized and stands on. He also sings in many songs and writes lyrics for them. He has
studied piano and guitars in music school.

Also behind the solo guitar is Daniil Masljakov, who's the author of many The Storm songs. He
also stands good for The Storm powerful guitar sound. Daniil has studied piano and guitars,
but he can also be found behind bass guitar, were he's a tough challenge to even pros.
Although he's a uniquely good singer, he don't want to sing that much.

Maris Karafin is behind the keyboards, and she has also studied her specialty in music
school. She's also a fine singer, but specialized to keyboards.

Bass guitars are held by Marko Blok, who has studied guitars and can play even trumpet once
in a while. While he has his idle time, he can be found behind drums, which he also has

Percussions are lead by Rain Parkman who has mastered drums and percussions at the same
time. He's also good xylophone player. Completed his specialty in music school and played in
many jazz bands. Very versatile player.

Sincerely yours,

The Storm

Band name: The Storm
Location: Jõhvi
Genre: progressive metal
Style: Gothic Heavy Power
Founded: 2002
Sigrid - Vocals
Maris - Keyboards
Siim - Guitars, Vocals Disgraced
Daniil - Guitars
Marko - Bass Guitar
Rain - Percussion
Previous members:
Jimmy - Bass Guitar (2004-2005)
The Storm 2006

1. No Way Out | mp3
2. The Funeral Of Freedom | mp3

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