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Third Descent
Third Descent was formed in fall at 2003 as a reunion of former Moonlight Descends members.
For that time the music had become more technical and agressive and new lyrics were more military and unromantical than MD times. As a final turn we decided to change the band name as well and start all over again.
The basis of a new band were Eku – vocals, Raivo – guitar, Tan – guitar and Saku – synth. Then joined Kris – drums and Arvo – bass but after some time Arvo left the band. The long distance between band and Kris disturbed rehearsals and Eku as well had to move to Tallinn. So as the band`s active members remained Raivo, Tan and Saku who has written most of the TD creation..
In the beginning of 2005 we started with new members Priit – bass and Nuki – drums. In assistance of Vaiko Hansson statred to record new songs as well. As a lack of resources we decided to program the drums and that was Kris`s assignement.
In 2006 we finally finished 2-songs promo and 5-songs demo which is about to see the daylight.
Band name: Third Descent
Location: Pärnu
Genre: black metal
Style: war black metal
Founded: 2003
Eku - vocals Moonlight Descends
Tan - guitars Moonlight Descends, Tarm
Raivo - guitars Moonlight Descends
Saku - synth Moonlight Descends, Tarm
Priit - bass Soontagana, Tarm
Erkki - drums Catafalc, Tarm, Anal Caves
Previous members:
Nuki - drums (2005-2006)
Kris - drums & programming (2003-2006)
Arvo - bass (2003-2004)
Provoke new war 2006

1. 1939 returns
2. Radioactive war | mp3
3. Dead soldiers | mp3
4. Commemorate the 6th army | mp3
5. Kolmandast sõjast

Tracks on compilations:
Roostevaba #1 2006

1. Commemorate the 6th army

  • Commemorate the 6th army
  • Website:
    E-mail: thirddescent (at)
    Other contacts:
    Tan +372 58 131 739
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