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Vaikus was kind of a one-man project that never made it to the stage... Alan was still into dark and doomish metal after leaving his first band Whispering Forest and Vaikus was just the project that expressed his true desires in music. After releasing Vaikus's first full-lenght material Alan started to search the crew for reherseals and future live acts. After some reherseas with Kaarit Kiibus (Assamalla) and Hanno Kiibus (Assamalla) Alan decided to co-operate with musicans with more avantgarde taste of music and that's how his future plans were tied with Erki Hirv and Veigo Peetsalu (both from Assamalla). All new musical ideas were quite over the limit and really fine for psychedelic doom & ambient fan but all those ideas weren't just ready to be published and they never will. Alan was one of the most talented musicians and his death left big hole into Estonian metalscene. Alan Rahumeel died in a car accident on April 26th, 2000.
Band name: Vaikus
Location: Tallinn
Genre: doom metal
Style: Doom Ambient
Founded: 1997   RIP: 2000
Alan - all instruments Kalm, Whispering Forest, Loits
Previous members:
In enchantment we drown... 1998

1. ... Of Blackness | mp3
2. When Night Is Falling
3. Into The Abyss
4. In Enchantemt We Drown...
5. Christian Woman
6. In Enchantment We Drown (Remix)

I Didn`t Drown You 1998

1. I Didn't Drown You | mp3

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