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Nyrok City
This is not just a band, this is a generation! The band was founded in 1993 by Edy and Roll in Tartu.
Band name: Nyrok City
Location: Tartu
Genre: alternative/other
Style: tattoometal
Founded: 1993
Roll - drums, samplings
Edy - guitar, vocal
Anton - guitar, vocal Project Massacre
Kraana - bass, vocal
Mikk - vocal,turntable
Previous members:
Nylon 2006

1. Separate Lies Snow
2. Trance Hollow City | mp3
3. Sea Of The World
4. Stolen Childhood Bongo
5. Dembel Trumm Passib
6. Secret Under The Sun | mp3
7. Totem Tantra Ahi
8. Your Own Problem remix | mp3

La Horro Porro 1996

1. Lets Oi From Destroy | mp3
2. Don't Kill the Kids
3. TV-Maniac (1/2 speed mix)
4. Your Own Problem
5. Watch Your Back
6. Island of Doom | mp3
7. Bitch I'm Tired
8. Gun Don't Kill
9. I Wanna Kill a President | mp3
10. La Horro Porro

Shit, Blood & Flowers 1995

1. Warning
2. Skin and Bone | mp3
3. Woman-Hater
4. Chaos City Lights | mp3
5. Mad Bomb
6. Land Of Da Freak
7. Ma Vihkan Iseennest
8. Aspekt
9. Run To N.R.C.
10. Asshead | mp3
11. Soul of War
12. Beware of Money
13. Negatiiv
14. Don't Forget Sid Vicious

E-mail: roll (at)
Other contacts:
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