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Bio for Paul Lepik

What sound would you get where you to consume the hearts of James Hetfield of Metallica , Chuck Billy of Testament and add a pinch of Phil Anselmo from Pantera with a touch of Jim Morrison for extra flavor.....You would get the sounds of BlackPaul. See what industry insiders have heard and said in reviews of private releases of songs from the album... King of the Night

Paul Lepik, a/k/a Black Paul, was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada by his adoptive parents who originated from Estonia. From an early age, Paul showed a special interest in various musical instruments including the keyboard, guitar and saxophone. His affinity for music was strongly encouraged by his musically inclined mother and entrepreneur father. Along with his parents encouragement, years of formal music instruction and a sharp ear helped Paul on his musical journey.

As a young rock musician, Paul was inspired by ACDC, Van Halen, Ratt, Motley Crue, JudasPriest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Yngwie Malmstein, Whitesnake, Great White, Skid Row, Neil Young, Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne. After performing with many Vancouver-based bands, Paul formed his own band that won a “Battle of the Bands” contest leading to his recording two songs at Little Mountain Studios in Canada. These opportunities enabled Paul to cross paths with rock legends such as Bob Rock, Aerosmith, Darby Mills and Dee Snyder. In Pauls own words... I would have to say my biggest influences are Dio and Ozzy Osbourne, and I listen to a lot of their material still. New bands like Trivium and others are also favorites.

After graduating from high school, Paul continued to sing and play while focusing on academics in Seattle and Europe. Shortly thereafter, he discovered his large biological family in Bermuda, including his renowned professional singer biological father and pianist biological mother. Finding his biological parents inspired Paul to further explore his musical abilities. He began singing in a gospel choir, and when he reached a four and a half octave range, he knew he could apply his vocal skills to his passion for rock to create a unique sound.

Fusing elements of old school rock and new school soul, Paul is currently writing and recording his first explosive album, King of the Night, with songs featuring guitar marvel Jimi Bell. The album promises to rock your world with songs like Conduit, Nothings Gonna Stop ME! and Sacred Flow, all of which have already received rave reviews from fans (through the site rankings) and the heavy metal industry. Nothing can stop Black Paul, King of the Night.
Band name: BlackPaul
Location: Tallinn and World
Genre: heavy metal
Style: Old School Metal with Modern Edge
Founded: 2005
BlackPaul - Vocals, Writer
Jay - Drums
Doug - Rhythm Guitar
Jimi Bell - Lead Guitar
Keston - Lead
Dave - Bass
Previous members:
King of the Night 2006

1. Conduit of Power
2. Dark Magician
3. Sacred Flow
4. Lets Go Crazy Lets Get Wild
5. Restless Souls
6. Cobra
7. Tired of Being a Loser
8. Black Hearts | mp3
9. Oil and Water | mp3
10. Run like Hell
11. Son of Adam
12. Exert Domination | mp3
13. Rastik (on Baltic Edition only)

E-mail: info (at)
Other contacts:
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