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Thrash metal project Nitrous masterminded by drag racing champion Lauri Kuriks effectively combines fast, powerful and deafening machines as subject matter with fast, powerful and deafening music.

Estonia's – and possibly the world's – only drag race thrash metal band Nitrous derives its name from the gas called nitrous oxide, used in car racing in order to increase engine power by injecting it into the intake manifold. Like the gas that creates bursts of considerably more explosive environment, the band Nitrous with its aggressive, Slayeresque music injects the audiences with spontaneous spurts of energy guaranteed to induce displays of breakneck moshing. The monstrous quartet initiated in 2004 by the drag-racing champion Lauri Kuriks (guitar) draws its lyrical themes from the world of high-powered engines only, which titles like "Torque Monster", "Fuel System Alert" and "Pro Mod Action" plainly hint at.

"Torque Monster", the 2006 debut album by Nitrous, while strongly smelling of gasoline and nitrous oxide, delivers wild rhytms, vicious soloing, relentless bass onslaughts, breathtaking drum bombardments and mercilessly raw vocals utilised as an additional rhytm instrument.

Nitous's newest, sophomore album "Outlaw Racer", released November 25th, 2008 by Nailboard Records, presents a new level in the band's development. Produced by Nitrous, recorded and engineered by Kaur Faltis (IrwinArt), mixed by Toomas Paidra (Zorg Studios) and mastered by Colin Davis (Imperial Mastering), "Outlaw Racer" encompasses a whole new level of writing and composition, while maintaining the familiar rugged feel of classic UG thrash.

Take a hit of Nitrous, go outlaw now!
Band name: Nitrous
Location: Tallinn
Genre: thrash metal
Style: drag race thrash metal
Founded: 2004
Lauri Kuriks - guitar Loits
Tauno Saar - bass
Argo Paas - drums
Mihkel Ollo - vocals Steel Scream
Ando Enns - guitar Catafalc, Goresoerd
Previous members:
Mart Kalvet - vocals (2005-2010) Mortified, Dawn Of Gehenna, Whispering Forest, Ecthalion, Herald, Taak
Outlaw Racer 2008

1. When the Devil Drives | mp3
2. Summons to Hephaestus
3. We Ride at Dawn
4. Outlaw Racer
5. Locked in the Dyno Room
6. Burning Up the Pavement
7. Aural Pain Threshold
8. Servitor
9. Crash and Burn
10. Black Cargo Cult | mp3
11. Core (of Molten Fire)

Dominant Force 2006

1. Torque Monster
2. Activation | mp3
3. Precautions
4. Pro Mod Action
5. Fuel System Alert
6. 1/4 Mile
7. Dominant Force | mp3
8. Tension
9. Rolling Chassis
10. Trial And Error
11. Brain Of the Engine

Other downloads:
  • Torque Monster
  • E-mail: lauri454 (at)
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  • Nitrous @ MySpace
  • Last change: 14-04-2010 edited lineup
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