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" Far away from all, where „ normal “ things do not happen, there is a place called Selja. And somewhere over there, big ugly hairy men were seen, who in their sawmills sadistically tortured the strings of their instruments. And once four little boys, who knew nothing of life, chanced in the same room with these evil men. The rest of it is, as they say, history. The boys saw that these men were cool and they also wanted to do something cool. These evil men called themselves Catafalc ( And so it came to be that these young lads began conjuring up sounds from their guitars on their own. They joined forces and an orchestra of evil sounds was born in Selja, and it was called Mortifero. This all happened in the year of 2003, in the month of August. They performed their first concert in Selja, but they hungered for more. So they set out to go to a young bands' competition in Tallinn. Needless to say, not all turned out as planned and consequently one man thought he would rather not be cool any more and left the others in trouble. His name was Kristjan „Kõver“ Tagam. Despite this, the others would not give up. And after a long search they found a new guy who could be admitted in their amongst and so it came to be. At the end of 2004 the orchestra was perfect again. Some shows have been performed in Selja and one in Tartu, but hopefully better days are yet to come. And even at this moment, the folks of Mortifero are probably somewhere, conceiving good sounds.
Band name: Mortifero
Location: Selja
Genre: death metal
Style: death metal
Founded: 2003
Heiki - Vocals
Wizna - Guitar
Raido - Bass
Tinx - Drums
Previous members:
Kõver - Guitar (2003-2004)
Other downloads:
  • Lunatic Asylum Magnetism
  • Exit - Mass Suicide
  • Website:
    E-mail: mortifero (at)
    Last change: 20-05-2006 edited downloads

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