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Moonlight Descends
Moonlight Descends was created in November at 1999 in cooperation of Raivo, Saku, Tan and Eku. Raivo and Tan played guitars, Saku synth and Eku vocals. There were some problems finding bassplayer and drummer. For some time bassplayer was Silver but that didn`t work out. So for a long time we had to manage making band for only four of us. Until we met Kris who was then playing in Must Missa and he agreed to join us. We rehearsed for a while together.
In May 2001 we went to the studio where we recorded 2-songs demo called Black Horizon. At studio Raivo and Tan played the bass parts because we still hadn`t found a bassplayer. Demo was recorded in W-House studio in Pärnu with Meelis Tauk.
For the next 2 years all our band members had to go in the army and this band thing kind of slowd down.
After returning from army we started to rehearse again but the style wasn`t our cup of tea anymore. Ending Moonlight Descends was a joint decision. It happened in spring 2003.
Moonlight Desends never performed at a stage due to the lack of band members.
Band name: Moonlight Descends
Location: Pärnu
Genre: black metal
Style: melodic black metal
Founded: 1999   RIP: 2003
Eku - vocals Third Descent
Saku - keyboards Tarm, Third Descent
Tan - guitars Tarm, Third Descent
Raivo - guitars Third Descent
Kris - drums Must Missa
Previous members:
Siku - bass (1999-2001)
Black Horizon 2001

1. In the halls of ancient castle | mp3
2. Black horizon | mp3

Tracks on compilations:
Hauatagused karjed vol.2 2005

1. In the halls of ancient castle

E-mail: thirddescent (at)
Last change: 21-12-2005 edited lineup

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