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Inferno is a band, which brought to Estonia new style - melodic - progressive - power metal.

The story of Inferno goes back to the year 1998, when schoolmates Daniil Salagajev (solo - guitar), Jurii (bass - guitar), Oleg (drums) and Maksim Maskin (keyboards) formed band with the first name Accent for going to Saku Amateur Band's Competition.
Band's musical style was just instrumental rock music. Motivated by initial sucess in Saku (the second place) they stayed together as a band. The band performed at small pubs and clubs and different concerts around Estonia with covers of Children Of Bodom, Stratovarius, Ingwie Malmsteen and the first music writed by solo - guitarist Daniil.
Then the band recorded their debut demo album "Angel's tears" containing thirteen instrumental compositions, among them "Mystery Of Shadows", "Running through the sky" and with maked video of "2 Do". Also two classical arrangements "The Flight Of The Bumblee" by Rimski - Korsakov and " Capricie NO 24" by N. Paganini.
Nearly two years later the band moved to Tallinn, because of studing music at Georg Ots musical school. Their playing musical style changed to more heavy and power and they started to play more serious music than before. The name of the band changed to Waterfall.
The same year Waterfall won the first place at Band's Competition at "Guitar Safari" in Tallinn.
Shortly after the band made a small tour, rocking out 2 concerts in Sweden. The both shows were a great sucess for the Waterfall.
At the end of year 2001 Waterfall's keyboard player Maksim Mashkin left the band, because of personal reasons and caused the second line - up change in the history of band. Obviously the boys were thrilled and began anextensive search for new keyboardist and singer also.
At the beginning of 2003 the band found the right lady as a vocalist Viktoria Seimar and guy as a keyboard player Efim Borissov, who are in the band till this day. And band's name was changed to Inferno.
The summer of 2003 to Daniil came idea to write an musical epopee about strugle between evil and good. At this time the band's influences were already starting to change again. While they were still listening to contemporaries like Stratovarius, Nightwish, Within Temptation and others. But their technical, musical and creative abilities were growing, and consequently, they began listening to more technical forms of music. Their primary influenses soon included progressive and fusion, heavy and metal, such as Andromeda, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Evergrey.
With a musical sign of life Inferno entered the stages of underground rock pubs like "Guitar Safari", "Tanker", "Rockstar's", "Biker's pub".
In the beginning of summer 2005 Inferno band performed at one of the best metal stage in Tallinn at "Rock Cafe".
The 1st of July the same year Inferno opened the biggest hard - metal festival in Estonia - Hard Rock Laager 2005 as a premium of HRC Band's Competition.
Band name: Inferno
Location: Tallinn
Genre: progressive metal
Style: progressive - power - melodic metal
Founded: 2000   RIP: 2007
Daniil - solo - guitar
Ladyinfernos - vocals Whispering Forest
Jurii - bass
Roland - drums
Jefim - keyboards
Previous members:
Dmitri - drums (2005-2006)
Oleg - drums (1998-2005)
Maksim - keyboards (2000-2001)
E-mail: virovicky (at)
Other contacts:
Viktoria Seimar -
Daniil Shalagajev -
Jurii Voloshkin
Jefim Borissov -
Last change: 08-09-2005 changed band info

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