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Sons of Belial
The Sons Of Belial Are An All Original Metal Band Hailing From The Cleveland-Akron Area Of Ohio. They Formed In The Fall Of 2002 When Guitarist Jarrod Mayer (Obstacle Corpse, All That Falls) And Drummer Ryan (Obstacle Corpse, Contempt Of Life) Ran Into An Old Friend. Vocalist Adam Hebebrand (Hand Of Bob Ross, Candyshop, Dead Even) Wanted To Pursue Something A Little More Extreme So The Three Got Together At An Undisclosed Location.
Soon After, Ralph McGrady (Monolith) And His Orchestrations On The Keyboard Were Brought In. Once A Fiew Songs Were Written, The Sons Looked In The Direction Of A Bassist. After A Gruesome Tryout Period, Only One Bassist Remained When The Dust Settled, John Wedow (Takedown).
Once Turning To The Live Show, The Sons Realized That The Sound They Were Trying To Achieve Could Not Be Realized Without Another Guitarist. Adam's Longtime Friend And Band Mate Richie Clotz (Hand of Bob Ross, Candyshop, Dead Even) Was Asked To Come Down And Try It Out. According To Jarrod's Original Vision, The “Sons Of Belial” Would Need One More Guitarist For The Live Harmonies They Wanted To Play. To This End, The Sons Recruited Jim (Hand Of Bob Ross). It Would Appear That Jim Was Not Meant To Be, As He Left To Start His Own Music Project Over The Summer Of '2004.
During That Same Summer The Band Would Experience A Huge Shake-up As Ryan Announced His Intentions To Drum For “Thirteen Faces “As Well As The “Sons Of Belial”. Nothing Could Be Worked Out To Anyone's Satisfaction, So The Sons Closed Shop Until They Could Find A New Drummer.
Among All Of The Potentials, The Estonian Death Machine Urmas Varnik (Nekropol, Fordonia (Estonia, Europe) Displayed A Furious Skill That Secured His Position As The New Drummer Of The Sons Of Belial.

SONS OF BELIAL Broke-Up On May 23rd' 2005 Because Guitarist Richie Clotz Quit And Vocalist Adam Hbrebrand Decided To Do Same. Reason Was That Their Music Interests Went Different Way Then The Rest Of The Band.

Right Now Ex Sons Of Belial Drummer Urmas Varnik & Keybardist Ralph McGrady Started A Brand - New Band. We Will Make Similar Music Like DIMMU BORGIR And EMPEROR. Frontman Urmas V. Said, " We'll Coming Back And We'll Be Much Stronger And Brutal Than Any Band on This Earth, Ever Before !!!!!!!! I Promise That !!!!!
To Make A Real Good Band, Was In My Dreams Already Time I Still Was Living In Estonia 1998. Also I Miss Very Much One Person Who Was A Big Part Of My Brutal Creations - He's Name Is Rando Syska (Guitars) - I'll Make Our Dreams Come True !!! "
Information About My New Band You Can Find If You Visit LUDIFICATIO DAEMONIUM

Thank You For Your Time And Interest ! Keep Metal Alive In ESTONIA !!!

Urmas Varnik
Band name: Sons of Belial
Location: Macedonia, Ohio, U.S.A.
Genre: black metal
Style: Symphonic Black/Death - Metal/Hardcore
Founded: 2002   RIP: 2005
Adam Hebebrand - Vocals
Jarrod Mayer - Guitar
Ralph McGrady - Keyboards
John Wedow - Bass
Richie Clotz - Guitar
Urmas Värnik - Drums Nekropol, Ludificatio Daemonium, Fordonia
Previous members:
Ryan - Drums (2003-2004)
Jim - Guitar (2004)
The End Of Everything 2005

1. Into The Eternal Abyss
2. As Vultures Circle The Carcass | mp3
3. Daggers | mp3
4. A Walk In The Woods
5. Broken Hearts Heal Faster Than Broken Necks
6. Three Of Thirty-Three
7. Necrolatry


1. Three Of Thirty-Three (Old Version)
2. Looking Up While Falling
3. Broken Hearts Heal Faster Than Broken Necks
4. Promises Of Deception | mp3
5. Daggers (Old Version)
6. Necrolatry

Live Demo w/ MERCYFUL FATE 2003

1. Looking Up While Falling
2. Necrolatry (1st.version)
3. Burn The Church
4. Broken Hearts Heal Faster Than Broken Necks (1st.version)
5. No Room In Hell
6. Promises Of Deception (1st.version)
7. Table For One

E-mail: urmas (at)
Other contacts:
Urmas Varnik @ or
1600 44th Street, NW
Canton, OH, 44709
Tel: 330 4121331
Last change: 03-05-2007 edited lineup

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