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Imp was founded in the end of 2001.
‘Cause of members’ youthful age and absence of certain target, the band stood in one place for some time: they were learning instruments and made couple of broadcastings.
After 1,5 year the first thoughts about future started to clarify and band created some very own made songs. After some time passed and growth of age the aim became stronger and the point of view changed, because of this the band changed more and more originating their land and nation, walking on a certain path.
Things moved slowly and quietly until the august of 2004, when first songs were recorded on a demo, whereof it had informal name “The Voice of Brutality”. Since then the band has entered into frames, where they wanted to end, yet there is a long way to go.
In 2006 the band is planning, hopefully, record much mature and enjoyable demo. Imp changed the name - new name is MALEVA.
Band name: Imp
Location: Muhumaa
Genre: pagan-folk metal
Style: melodic pagan-thrash metal
Founded: 2001   RIP: 2006
Trinity(2001-2006) - vocal
Skullhed(2001-2006) - guitar, vocal Maleva
P.P(2001-2006) - drums Maleva
M.Naaber(2001-2006) - bass Maleva
Ax(2005-2006) - guitar
Previous members:
The Voice Of Brutality 2004

1. The Voice Of Brutality
2. Too Late To Die
3. Dark, Bad, Dead
4. Devil`s Way
5. Something Sad
6. The Call Of Darkness | mp3
7. See The Pain And Sorrow
8. Slavery

E-mail: Margus.Naaber (at)
Last change: 21-10-2005 changed band info

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