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Recovered, but not yet fully treated from Psykhosis, Nihilistikrypt has recruited its lines with some new psykhopaths and will now reveal a glimpse of the background of Psykhosis by partially uncovering the actual log of the person responsible for all of the mayhem described in the lyrics of that album. It will be cruesome and disturbing, but whether You like it or not, it has happened before, it will happen again, it’s just a matter of time, when. And to whom. Probably You.
Band name: Nihilistikrypt
Location: Tallinn
Genre: death metal
Style: death metal
Founded: 2004
Meriliis Ojamäe - Vocals
Are Kangus - Guitar Uwe Boll
Markus Saar - Drums Baalsebub
Doomhand - Bass Irdhing
Uziel - Guitar Ignorabimus, Jogane Munno, Catafalc, Goresoerd
Previous members:
Marko - throat (2005-2012) Ecthalion
Ken - Drums, live sampler (2006-2011) Catafalc, SpitBlood, Goresoerd
Sorts - Guitar (2004-2007) Ignorabimus, Jogane Munno, Vanad Varjud, Mass In Comatose
Port - Drums (2005-2006) Spellbinder
Tarmo - Drums (2004-2005) Ignorabimus
Serial Killer Diaries 2016

1. 3:42 (Victim XI)
2. Revelation (Victim X)
3. Path To Enlightenment (Victim III)
4. Accidental Intentions (Victim VII)
5. Theory In Practice (Victim II)
6. Aqua Regia (Victim IX)
7. Enjoyment Of Closure (Victim VI)
8. Suicide Denied (Victim VIII)
9. Depositary (Victim IV)
10. Victim 1264 (Victim V)
11. Taedium Vitae (Victim XIII)

Psykhosis 2011

1. TheRapist
2. Amateur Surgeon
3. Fleshmaker | mp3
4. C.O.D.: Autopsy
5. Extraterrestrial Consumption
6. Rotting From Within
7. Perpetum Cruoris
8. Hydrogenic Mutants
9. Sane Insanity
10. Mental Breakdown

Perverse Dark Somnolence 2008

1. Sane Insanity
2. Extraterrestrial Consumption
3. Mental Breakdown
4. Perverse Dark Somnolence | mp3

Catakrypt 2007

1. Manunkind

Required Sacrifices 2005

1. The Summoning (intro)
2. Brainbow
3. Expired
4. Virus: Human
5. Enjoy The Violence
6. I Hate Everything
7. Thoughts Of A Misanthrope
8. Rebellion Against Thee
9. Execution Of The Last Priest (outro)

Tracks on compilations:
Roostevaba #1 2006

1. I Hate Everything

Fornicate The Cubic Sterility 2006

1. Rebellion Against Thee

Necromance VCD sampler vol. 1 2005

1. I Hate Everything (live video)

  • Mental Breakdown (Live @Tapper)
  • Amateur Surgeon (Live @Tapper)
  • TheRapist (Live @Tapper)
  • Rotting From Within (Live @Tapper)
  • Website:
    E-mail: info (at)
    Last change: 06-10-2014 edited lineup
    Band has 2 interviews.
    Band has 30 reviews.
    Band has 4 news.

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