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KALM began it's journey as a single man's (Alan) art-output which showed the rage and anger of heathen loneliness in it's roughest way. Alan managed to release 4 demos by himself, but for gigs He needed some assistance. Eku (drums) was the first choise because KALM wouldn't have sounded "KALMly" any other way ... and naturally 'cause of the elder fellowship. Since 1999 the rehearsals were delivered 4some already although the arrangements and music came from Alan's deepest minds. In 2000 KALM released a split-CD with Assamalla which remained the last movement for the band. Alan died accidently in a car-crash. R.I.P.
Band name: Kalm
Location: Tallinn
Genre: black metal
Style: Raw pagan black metal
Founded: 1995   RIP: 2000
Alan - Vocals, Guitars Whispering Forest, Loits, Vaikus
Veigo - Bass Assamalla, Horricane
Eku - Drums D.N.R.
Andres - Guitar (session member) Tarbatu, Ecthalion
Georg - Keyboard (session member) Instigator of Grief, Horricane
Previous members:
Christ - Keyboard (1999-2000) Dawn Of Gehenna, Whispering Forest, Solwaig, Taak
Winter - Bass (1998) Whispering Forest
Igaveseks Mälestama Mõistetud (split with Assamalla) 2000

1. Üksinduse kuningas (Kalm)
2. Mälestuses langenud tähtedele (Assamalla)
3. Olen teist tüdinud (Kalm) | mp3
4. Kivisse raiutuna (Assamalla)
5. Verineid C18u (Kalm, original by Assamalla)
6. Vaikusest vaevatuna (Meie hing ei hävi) (Assamalla, original by Kalm)
7. Ärgates unenäost (Kalm)
8. ...kes lahkunud üksteise südameist (Assamalla)

Vaenu Verest Värvitud 1999

1. Vaenu Verest Värvitud | mp3

...lõputu 1998

1. Org
2. Vaikusest Vaevatud
3. Lõputu | mp3
4. Lahkumine

Org 1996

1. Intro
2. Org
3. Üksinda
4. Sacrifice
5. S.O.R.T.

Kättemaks Huntidele 1995

1. Kättemaks Huntidele I
2. Kättemaks Huntidele II
3. Kättemaks Huntidele III

Last change: 07-02-2007 added review (active from 7.2.2007.)
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