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From Private Letters
In december it was all too cold. Erik, Mart, Arno and Kaur first met at Jack's spot to play a few covers. Played our first gig at some friends' birthday.

Started being a band with an original name and original music. Rehearsed at Urmas' place and already felt a bit like a whole. Managed to play some local public gigs thanks to some support and recognition. Ramon joined in in august and we made our studio debut with the infamous estonian girl-disco-trance-group producer-songwriter a.k.a. Peter Ross and the song 'Shallow' became an instant hit among 13-year-old girls from our school. Continued doing numerous live shows at the local bomb shelter 'Varjend' and also writing new songs. Mart's kona bike was stolen by an unknown sonofabitch.

Started off by recording 'Agnus Dei (Born to Collapse)' at Forwards Studio with silver from the powerful finish me off. This guy made it sound like metal. Attended a few influential band competitions. Spread our name and our religion. Four of us graduated from high school but we are not growing apart. With the new rehearsal studio we will be working on new material and coming up on stage stronger and heavier than ever before.

Collision winds are blowing.
Band name: From Private Letters
Location: Tartu
Genre: metalcore
Style: Metalcore with an Emo Touch
Founded: 2002   RIP: 2005
Kaur - 6-string Finish me off
Ramon - 6-string
Erik - 4-string
Arno - 2 sticks, back vocals
Mart - microphone, violin
Previous members:
demo 2005

1. When The Sky Falls Up Again | mp3

demo 2004

1. Agnus Dei

demo 2003

1. Shallow

E-mail: fromprivateletters (at)
Last change: 11-04-2005 added band info

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