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It was December 1999 when two old school mates (Thoth and Venom) decided the time has come for them to form a band of their own and kicked off with their first rehearsal in a grandpa's garage. At about the same time they thought they needed a bass-player and, finally, after a long and exhausting screening process, they're joined by a guy called Senyushkin, who seemed to be more convincing with the four-stringed monster than his less successful competitors. His rotten and aggressive sound, long hair and evil face blended well into the rest of the band s image and so Forgotten Death became a trio. As soon as they have started recording the first song, it turned out that both the garage's proprietor and the rest of the neighbourhood were not too excited about the music and F.D. moved to the Accolada studio at Volta Factory, Tallinn (Estonia). There, inspired by the high-quality sound equipment, as well as the dreaded snoring of the local cleaner and the grumbling noise of the factory production lines, they started making one song after another. Shortly after F.D. found ourselves a good drummer (Faust), who produced absolutely spine-twisting blast-beats and with him the end product became even more aggressive and bad ass than it had been in the beginning. In the course of the rehearsal sessions they elaborated a style (unique for Tallinn, as far as I know) that can be described as doom/death. The band continued to improve and polish its guitar and vocal technique, as well as its sound experiments, which unexpectedly unveiled a deep controversy between the bassist and the rest of the Forgotten Death. Senyushkin simply could not accept the changes and experiments and seemed like he'd rather play some MTV-friendly pop-shite. As a result of this, he got the boot and was forced to pack his stuff and leave the premises in 24 hours. They did not lament the loss for long and soon found a replacement as well as a keyboard player thus adding an ethnic vibe to their doomish tranquility...

...In the fall of 2000 the search ended in the most unexpected possibleway. Venom shifted from the guitar to the bass. The vacant place of the guitarist was quickly occupied by Vanya Volkov who had enough balls to reply to an ad in the same old "Privatka". The band went for rehearsals which eventually resulted in a gig in the club called Volta. The line-up was stable for the whole winter, spring and almost summer, when the relations within the band's camp hit the boiling point and Venom got the boot. Now as a trio (again) they started looking for a replacement (yes, through "Privatka" again), continued rehearsing, and changed their title to 'MorningRise', which better reflected the band's ideology and musical preferences.
Band name: MorningRise
Location: Tallinn
Genre: doom metal
Style: Doom Metal
Founded: 1999   RIP: 2003
Thoth - guitars/vocals/programming Meatopathy
Delay - guitars/vocals/effects
Previous members:
E-mail: morningrise (at)
Last change: 06-04-2005 added band info

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