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Analysis is a band, that plays hard rock and heavy metal. The repertory includes mostly our own music, but there is also an important place for covers from giants like Black Sabbath, ACDC, Nirvana and some more.

The members of the band are highschool students Viljar Rosin (vocal, guitar), Ever Haabmets (guitar), Glen Kelp (bass, some vocals) and Siim Laine (drums).

The band started to play together in March 2004. First gig was in Parksepa secondary school, though without a name then. After that the band took a name - Analysis. And on Võru Rokiliin 2004, which was a memorial concert for Estonian rocklegend Gunnar Graps, as he should have played there, Analysis had its first gig with that name. In the summer of 2004 Analysis was after intense negotiation the unofficial warm-uper of famous Estonian band Terminaator. Analysis has also played in schools and different kind of enterprises.

In winter 2005 Analysis's guitarist Ever Haabmets was nominated as the best guitar player in Võrumaa Noortemess band competiton. In Wintfest 2005 (Tartu Sadamateater), Viljar Rosin was nominated as the best male artist and Analysis as the best band.
Band name: Analysis
Location: Võru
Genre: heavy metal
Style: hard rock/heavy metal
Founded: 2004
Viljar Rosin - Vocals, guitar
Ever Haabmets - Guitar
Glen Kelp - Bass, vocals
Siim Laine - Drums
Previous members:
Devil Eyes 2005

1. Devil Eyes | mp3
2. The End | mp3

E-mail: info (at)
Other contacts:
Glen Kelp +372 556 47 673
Last change: 16-09-2005 added new release

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