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Sex Machine
Sex Machine was created by the members, who have been active in music business for years to provide the audience a unique, ravishing industrial music. SM consists of five exceptional members who together form wholly new course in a world of industrial music (Ginger-Lizzy, Martin, Master, Newron & Inz).
Andrus a.k.a. Ginger-Lizzy is behind of Sex Machine´s creation and also guitarist. He´s the one who creates all the Sex Machine`s music. He has been involved with music for 10 years starting with metal music, after that also breakz and drum´n´bass. He has created since the year 1997 an exceptional and unique music under a name Pharmac Hooliganz.
The PH has brought a lot of live performances in Estonia and in foreign countrys with well known artists in undeground music. Also released at 2004 an album called Imovane and a musicvideo pussyslave.
Some names he´s preformed together: Dj Marky (Brazil), TeeBee (Norway), Aphrodite (UK), Panacea (Ger), Sti & MC Youthman (Fra), KOE (Fin), etc.

Kardo a.k.a. Master played guitar years ago when Ginger-Lizzy made metal music. So if SM started also Master joined with tie group.

Anton a.k.a. Newron has been a member of Pharmac Hooliganz for last three years. Then also joined Sex Machine.

Inz a.k.a. Indrek and Martin started making music at 1998 when Martin joined a band called Whaw! Zaiks. The other member Inz has been busy himself with drumsounds for 10 years evolving it and also moved the grasp about drumming to a new electronic and harsher level.

At the same year Martin joined the band released a demo which was presentated at the Rummu penitentiary. The demo and the presentation were a great subject of conversation to the media. At the year 2000 was released a full-lenght album Low violence demo Estonian republic.
In relaton to dispersion of the band in 2003 Martin and Ginger-Lizzy decided to take a new course and create a band which they named Sex Machine.

Some of the lyrics are written by Estonian poet and intriguing writer Kivisildnik, who is famous for his boisterous and certifiable articles and sayings. The second author of the lyrics is Ginger-Lizzy.
Band name: Sex Machine
Location: Pärnu
Genre: industrial metal
Style: Industrial
Founded: 2004
Ginger-Lizzy - Composing, Studiowork also lead guitar Forgotten Sunrise
Martin - Vocals Whaw!Zaiks
Master - Guirtar
Newron - Synths, samplers, modules, etc.
Inz - Drums Whaw!Zaiks, Terroristic Professy, Assamalla
Previous members:
Promotional Demo 2004

1. Intro
2. I Recommend Baghdad
3. I Recommend Baghdad (Vocals by Ginger-Lizzy)
4. Meaning of Apple
5. Whores of Babylon
6. Whores of Babylon (Vocals by Ginger-Lizzy) | mp3
7. Judas Kiss and Much Much More | mp3
8. Distorted Mindz
9. Outro

  • Sex Machine - Whores Of Babylon (Full lenght video)
  • Sex Machine - Meaning of Apple (Live)
  • Website:
    E-mail: pharmac (at)
    Other contacts:
    Phone: Martin +372 53 449 533
    Ginger-Lizzy +372 51 70 338
    Last change: 20-04-2006 edited videos
    Band has 1 news.

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