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FORDONIA was formed in November, 1998 in little student town named Tartu, ESTONIA. Since then, the band was rehearsing and writing material and was been performing live at many famous underground clubs everywhere inside Estonia, winning the award of "best live act" on three consecutive occasions at local rock festivals. After playing many shows, the Estonian music press was taken interest in the band, labeling it as "the best Power-Metal" in Estonia.
The Band members consider Max Cavalera, Dimmu Borgir, Steve Vai, Deicide etc, among others as their main influances.
Fordonia's first demo CD was recorded in April' 1999. We could only afford limited amount of studio time what was giveing to the people just idea what we're looking for. That CD was sent to several festival organizers in Germany, Slovakia and Lithuania, as our aim was always been to get to play our music outside Estonia. We got some positive feedback from some of them but we never had possibilities to go outside from our country.
In the beginning of' 2000 Fordonia recorded new singel called "War" what was a big hit for them in up-coming shows. That singel was recorded in Tartu "Suure Trummi Stuudio"("The Big Drum Studio") September' 1999
Fordonia played several shows still in ' 2000 and beginning of ' 2001 drummer Urmas Varnik was leaving to work to Ireland and after that to U.S.A. So year '2000 was last then Fordonia performed together as a band.
Right now the Fordonia's bandmembers:
Arnold Looga have several projects. He's playing bass in CELESTIAL CROWN - and RAUD ANTS -
Urmas Varnik is finally based in U.S.A. He also have playing and recording with several bands there like MIND PULP, SONS OF BELIAL and couple more really small projects. At this moment Urmas working only with band called LUDIFICATIO DAEMONIUM.
Band name: Fordonia
Location: Tartu
Genre: alternative/other
Style: Power Metal
Founded: 1998   RIP: 2001
Arnold Looga - Bass & Vocals Raud-Ants
Oliver Koger - Guitars
Asko-Rome Altsoo - Guitars
Urmas Värnik - Drums & Percussion Nekropol, Ludificatio Daemonium, Sons of Belial
Previous members:
Rando Siska - Guitar (1998) Ludificatio Daemonium
War 2000

1. War | mp3

Freedom 1999

1. Freedom | mp3
2. Hare Crishna | mp3
3. Manitoo | mp3

Tracks on compilations:
Eesti Metali Enziklopöödia Nr. 2 2001

1. Hare Krishna (Garage Version)

E-mail: urmas (at)
Other contacts:
Any questions about FORDONIA and information in this site contact with Fordonia's original member Urmas Varnik :
Last change: 03-05-2007 edited lineup

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