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Vigilia Mortum
We started in 1994. By the end of 1995 we were assured of it`s about time for us to have recorded our promostuff. There were three songs recorded in Tallinn. "INQUISITION" it was the name of the demo. That time we were heavily influenced by doom/gothic.
It was summer, 1996 when guitarist Sergei Bashilov had quit the band. It was about time for us to form the new line-up. Our new guitarist Alex Kobzar and drummer Sass Kuzmin were both from Narva. By the end of 1996 we came to the decision to play death/gore metal and to turn MANUSCRIPT into VIGILIA MORTUM. As VIGILIA MORTUM we had recorded our first full-lenth
Band name: Vigilia Mortum
Location: Ida-Virumaa,Jõhvi
Genre: death metal
Style: death metal
Founded: 1994
Sergey Kozakov - drums
vacant space - bass
Denis Savitski - guitar
Radik Kaverin - vocal
Pavel Nekiforov - guitar
Previous members:
Igor Kluchnik - guitar (2004-2007)
Artur Rozenbush - bass (2004-2007)
Pavel - bass (2002-2003)
Dmitriy Samorukov - guitar (2002-2003)
Aleksandr - guitar (2002-2003)
Boris Hreptukov - drums (2002-2003)
Roma Denisenko - guitar (1997-2001)
Denis Zdanovich - bass (1994-2001)
Alex Safronov - drums (1995-2000)
Dmitry Savin - bass (1998-1999)
Sass Kuzmin - drums (1997-1998)
Konstantin Erly - drums (1996-1997)
Aleksandr Kobzar - guitar (1997)
Sergey Bashilov - guitar (1994-1997)
Bloody Remorse 2005

1. Intro
2. The Soldier's Memory
3. Up To Last A Bloody Drop | mp3
4. The Sniper's Notes
5. Bloody Remorse
6. War In The Subconsciousness | mp3
7. Demon Of Hate
8. The Son Of Soldier
9. He Is A Killer
10. TNT (cover) | mp3

Invoking 1999

1. Christianity's Ways of Blood | mp3
2. Either a Killer or Poet | mp3
3. Vigilia Mortum
4. Shadows of the dead city
5. The Invoking | mp3
6. A Man
7. The Happy Dead
8. Pretty girl

Shadows Of The Dead City 1998

1. Shadows of the dead city
2. Vigilia Mortum
3. A Man

Transformation To The Dust 1997

1. Intro
2. The Order of Plague
3. Dr. Polm | mp3
4. Slave of Dampground | mp3
5. Fear
6. Intro 2
7. Transformation to the Dust | mp3
8. Creature at the Threshold
9. Bloody Contract
10. Outly

Tracks on compilations:
Buckets of Blood 2002

1. Shadows of the dead city

Website: close down
E-mail: Raadik.kaverin (at)
Other contacts:
Radik Kaverin
Virmalise 7-27, Oru, Kohtla-Jarve, Estonia 31221
Tel: +372 51985652
Last change: 17-01-2011 changed band info
Band has 2 news.

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