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In 1998 FireFly (Bass), LEM (Lead Guitar/Vocal) and Paavo Arbeiter (Drums)
played together in Torva Gymnasium band rehersal room somekind of punk music. ˇ
The band was called "Misantroop" at the time. It didn't work very well cause drummer could'nt
keep up with other bandmembers so they had to make some rearrangements in the band.
Firefly & LEM asked KALA to play bass with their band and also they changed the band name too.
New band was called "Rahvavaenlane" and members/instruments were : LEM-Drums, FireFly-Guitar/Vocal,
Argo-Bass. New band had a few live gigs and they made some changes in they're music style.
Old band name was changed again because they thought that new name "Rude" was the best
describing the music they were playing.

Everything was quite normal until 31 august 2001 when they had live gig in Torva Dance grounds. KALA didn't show up because concert was on the very same day he had his birthday. So he quitted the band. So they needed a new bass-player. Just about one hour before "Rude" should have go on stage FireFly & LEM found a replacement bass-player for that gig. Before they went to the stage FireFly teached to Himself 5 songs in 15 minutes, and they went on stage. Since then you can see "Rude" as today.
New style they playing is something between Nu-Metal & Hardcore Metal (as they use to say : Rap sucks metal)
In 2008 a new bandmember joined. Newest member is back vocalist and keyboard player Katrin. April 2009 Rude recorded their first cover "Rockstrot" for a theatre play. Katrin left band 18.04.2009.

05.2009. Band had to go through some changes, so they decided to start writing lyrics in estonian.

Achievments are: 1-st prize in "Noor Rock 2002" for performing the best self-made music & FireFly
got the best male singer award from that concert too. The prize was 15 hours free studio time in "Diamond Studio"
Band used it to record first demo song called "With Power". 2006 was the year that band visited "Neumann studio" and
recorded another song "I am You, You are Me". Noor Rock 2009 Rude won in category best finnish cover song. Rude performed Miljoonasade - Lapsuuden sankarille... search it on youtube.

Band has warmed up : No-Big-Silence, The Tuberkuloited, Waterdog
Band name: Rude
Location: Tõrva
Genre: nu-metal
Style: hardcore vs nu-metal
Founded: 2000
Firefly - Guitar/voc
LEM - Drums
Himself - Bass/back voc.
Previous members:
Dea-d - Keyboards (2009-2010)
Katrin - Keyboards/back vocals (2008-2009)
Kala - Bass (1998-2000)
  • I am you, you are me
  • Reaalsus
  • Other downloads:
  • I am you you are me
  • Website:
    E-mail: rude2009 (at)
    Last change: 08-01-2012 changed band info

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