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The band was formed in February, 2001. In the very beginning the band consisted of two - Katrin and Natassja. In March Jane joined the band, she had come to play keyboard, nobody thought that she would sing someday. We were learning to play with the song of Him "Join Me". At that time Alexander Kobzar worked with us, he taught us a lot, so the band wants to thank him for his help.
But still the band needed someone to play bass-guitar. It might seem that the most difficult thing for a girl-band is to find a drummer, but in our case difficulties were connected with the bass-guitarist. We were looking for someone during the whole summer, but finally, in September, Ann joined the band. At that time Jane was already torturing everybody with her atrocious howls. It was very hard to work - the level was so low, that we could not make at least one good song! Of course,we could not even dream of performances…
But in the February 2002 it was a kind of explosion. During that month I was not playing with the band, and again Alexander Kobzar" worked with Shabash (Thank you once again!). In March Katrin Tyartsus came back, and she had to work a lot, girls have improved their level greatly, but she practically did not. But Kate worked hard, and negotiated all the difficulties. The true work has begun.

At the end of March Shabash performed in Narva bar "U Petra i Karla". We"ve made a lot of mistakes, but in the whole, people were impressed by the performance. After that the band"s concentrated on the only thing - music.

The band finished its existence in April 2004 after the last show in St Petersburg. The reasons of band's crash are fully private. Altogether, scene activity includes over 40 concerts in Latvia, Russia, Estonia.
Band name: Shabash
Location: Narva
Genre: gothic metal
Style: alternative/modern/gothic metal
Founded: 2001   RIP: 2004
Sheba - Guitar
Poison Ivy - Drums Devotus Regnum
Flamme - Bass
Sanctum - Vocals/synth
Previous members:
Alex Kobzar - Bass/guitar (session) (2001-2002)
Delin - Bass (2001)
I'll never be your bride 2004

1. Empty
2. Neveragain
3. Master
4. I will never be your bride
5. Sense of Love

E-mail: asgartha (at)
Last change: 21-11-2004 edited lineup

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