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Necro Strike
Necro Strike is a death metal group from Viljandi, the band is also known as Nahuj Strike, but that name was changed in spring of 2004.
The original line-up was No:PS (vocals, drums), Hux (guitar) and Otd (bass) in the end of 2002, No:PS was on drums and also had to do all the vocal parts, so the band wasn't able to give any concerts. The band started looking for a drummer, they found Rinx in the beginning of 2003 and gave their first concert in March 2003.
Things didn't work out with Otd too good, so Otd left in autumn of 2003. Now the band had to look for a bassist, they found Jack in autumn of 2003. They played some time with that line-up, but didn't like the sound of only one guitar, so Otd joined the band in spring of 2004 again. This was a good line-up, the band hadn't seen so many concerts ever before, for example they won Hard Rock Club Noor Bänd 2004 and were able to give a concert in Hard Rock Laager 2004 (Vana-Vigala), which is the biggest metal festival in Estonia. Anyway, things started to slow down a bit in the fall of 2004. Otd left again and was replaced by Ras, and then, the headman No:PS left in fall too, he was replaced by Boku. This line-up worked until the spring of 2005, when Boku and Ras moved to Tallinn. Hux also left the band because of unknown reasons. Necro Strike had a little pause until the fall of 2005, when Otd, Jack and Rinx started to play together again, using the name Godplayer for their project, in the beginning of 2006 the name Godplayer was changed to Necro Strike again. The singer of the band lived in London for two years. He came back in September 2006. In the beginning of 2007 Otd left Necro Strike again because of musical differences. In June 2007 new guitarist Ma:rt joined Necro Strike. On February 3rd 2010 Necro Strike released a new album titled Red Is Out. In June 2010, Are "USB" Kangus joined the band as the second guitar player.
Band name: Necro Strike
Location: Viljandi
Genre: death metal
Style: Mulgi Death
Founded: 2002
No:PS - vocals
USB - guitar
Ma:RT - guitar
Jack - bass
Rinx - drums
Previous members:
Boku - vocals (2004-2005)
Hux - guitar (2002-2005)
Rass - guitar (2004-2005)
No:PS - vocals (2002-2004)
Otd - guitar (2003)
Red Is Out 2010

1. Red Is Out
2. Tuhandeaastane ikaldus
3. Kosmosepedofiil
4. Sperma
5. Ma kõngen
6. Pendliga petturist prohvet
7. Surnumatja marss
8. Sõgedus
9. Silent Duck

Kurjus + LIVE from HRC LAAGER 2004 2004

1. Kurjus
2. Põlgus
3. Iiveldus
4. Jälestus
5. Oraalselt vägistatud (live)
6. Kurjus (live)
7. Fataalne Röga (live)
8. Põlgus (live)
9. Eufooria (live)
10. Nõtrus (live)
11. Jälestus (live)

Kurjus 2004

1. Kurjus
2. Põlgus
3. Iiveldus
4. Jälestus

Ebaterve 2004

1. Get Nahuj
2. Jälestus
3. Jälkus
4. Kadedus
5. Masendus
6. Mõttetus
7. Nõrkus
8. Nõtrus
9. Rõvedus
10. Sõgedus
11. Tapatalg

Get Nahuj 2003

1. Get Nahuj
2. Ilgelt kõva
3. Sõgedus

Mulla hõng 2002

1. Põrmustumine
2. Get Nahuj
3. Ananassi affanassi
4. Elektriku seiklused
5. Surnumatja marss
6. Batman
7. Torpeedo laul
8. Go to hell
9. Vereimejad
10. Tegelt
11. Kubisemine
12. Sõjatehas

E-mail: necrostrike (at)
Other contacts:
Phone numbers:
No:PS - +37253777210
Jack - +37251966133

E-mail addresses:
Nöps -
Jack -
Rinx -
Ma:rt -
Last change: 15-04-2006 changed band info

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