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Devotus Regnum
The band was founded in the year 2000. At the very beginning the band was called Fatal Silence. The idea of its creation belonged to Kryptos but he wasn’t a member of a band yet because around that time was playing guitar in another Death/Doom band Decadent. At times, Kryptos gave only some advice and visited their rehearsals with some kind of session member' role. So that’s why Devotus Regnum had only 2 people: Tanum and Fatal. Then Kryptos fully joined band in the year 2001 and took a still vacant place of vocalist and bass player. In the year 2003 Kurt VB (second guitarist) came to Devotus Regnum. There is also one out-of-stage member Asgartha, who is going to become the full rights' member in the nearest future. Her merit are some lyrics, translations, logo, design of covers and photography. Nowadays band consists of five members.
Band name: Devotus Regnum
Location: Narva
Genre: black metal
Style: melodic damned black metal
Founded: 2000
Kryptos Wargerdt - bass/vocal, lyrics
Tanum - guitar
Kurt VB - guitar
Fatal - drums
Asgartha - synth, lyrics, translation, design Shabash
Previous members:
Centuries Conversely 2007

1. Damned Realm | mp3
2. Renunciation
3. My Freedom
4. Fear
5. Life is Dead | mp3
6. The Yore Arisen
7. The Old Soul | mp3
8. Dream of Death
9. Asgartha

The Four Fists of Armageddon 2004

1. Tunnel to Life | mp3
2. My Freedom
3. Link Is Torn
4. Dream of Death

My Freedom 2003

1. Tunnel to Life
2. My Freedom | mp3
3. Link is Torn
4. Dream of Death

Rehearsal demo 2002

1. Tunnel to Life
2. Suicide
3. Old Soul
4. Terrestrial Hell
5. Ravine of Death
6. My Freedom
7. Link is Torn

Tracks on compilations:
Hauatagused karjed vol.2 - Estonian extreme metal compilation 2005

1. Tunnel to Life

E-mail: kryptos.wargerdt (at)
Other contacts:
+372 53978760
Last change: 30-07-2007 added new release
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Band has 1 news.

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