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In 1995 after a while of practising something one might call a sugary form of conventio-punk, 3 guys found their way into somewhat semi-serious stuff. In the beginning of 1996 there was a new addition to the group in the person of KUULSUS, along with him came ideas and an ideological bearing. The material was fit for kings! Soon a singer with a mighty voice and power came along and the band got their groove at last! Their style at the time could be described as a melodic mix of gothic rock, thrash and heavy metal all that spiced with an oriental influence.

11/96 - "Bitch" - Matrix studio (P.Määrits)
22/03/97 - Ta pöörleb siiski - Haapsalu
1/05/97 - Tudengite Kevadpäevad - Tallinn
16/05/97 - Tartu Muusikapäevad - Tartu
11/07/97 - Wesenbergi rock - Rakvere
12/07/97 - Rocksport - Keila
1-2/11/97 - "Quick Happy End" - Matrix studio (E.Värk)
22/11/97 - private party - Tallinn
23/11/97 - Von Krahl - Tallinn
23/05/98 - Waldhof Fest - Pärnu
29/05/98 - Tartu Muusikapäevad - Tartu
08/98 - "Quick Happy End" video (M.Rand ja I.Volens)
26/12/98 - cinema Rubiin - Viljandi
13-14/02/99 - "Silencio" & "Your Kind" - Matrix studio (E.Värk)
4/04/99 - Hell Gates - Tallinn
28/04/99 - (TunnelLive)? - Tartu
12/06/99 - Rocksport - Keila
14/06/99 - Restaurant Carina tent - Tallinn
6/08/99 - Sindi rockfest 30 years later - Sindi
5/10/99 - Salme culture center live recording (M. Kaljulaid)
20/11/99 - Hevi pisaraid ei usu! - Tallinn (GuitarSafari)

the band, like it’s members has matured and lost it’s childlike exuberance to fulfil every idea, that sticks to mind. Life made its corrections and due to a busy schedule, KUULSUS left for good to The Cookies. Personal differences between band members and preferred styles got more accurate and a change of orientation was inevitable. Since 24.02.2000 the band has only 4 members and a new name – ZEROMANTIC
Band name: Drat
Location: Tallinn
Genre: alternative/other
Style: metal
Founded: 1995   RIP: 2000
Tarvo - guit Zeromantic
Lesta - bass Zeromantic
Tom - voc Zeromantic
Jann - drum Damage, Zeromantic
Kuulsus - guit
Previous members:
Drat 1999

1. Bitch
2. Quick H. End | mp3
3. Your Kind
4. Silencio

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  • E-mail: drat (at)
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