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The band was first introduced to a wider audience in the summer of 1995 at the Rock Summer festival, Estonia, where they headlined the B-stage. The crowd gave the band a spectacular welcome and from then on NO-BIG-SILENCE has successfully performed at larger festivals and smaller clubs in Estonia, the Baltic States, Russia and Scandinavia. NO-BIG-SILENCE is valued as an live-act with an impressive show, esteemed by such worldclass rock bands as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rammstein, HIM, Motörhead, Waltari etc. NO-BIG-SILENCE was chosen to be their support act from a selection of bands. The chariman of the concert agency BDG Peeter Rebane, the local promoter for Metallica, Iron Maiden and Rammstein comments: "In our opinion NO-BIG-SILENCE is the most professional industrial band in the Baltics. Besides, they are a very good live-act." The music of NO-BIG-SILENCE is loaded with positive energy that has an ironical side to it. "NO- BIG-SILENCE, unlike most of the hard rock bands that get their inspiration from mysticism, concentrates on expressing the twists and turns of human psychology in the language of popmusic. It is a great achievement in itself - to sound tough and delicate at the same time," rates Marko Mägi from Eesti Express weekly. The Finnish netport Sonera Plaza finds traces of Depeche Mode, Rammstein, Waltari and Ministry in the tough and delicate soundscape of NO-BIG-SILENCE. The first album "99" of NO-BIG-SILENCE was finished in the spring of 1996. The next release "Succsessful, Bitch and Beautiful" (NBS Recordings, 2000) is already the album of current hitsongs such as "On The Hunt" and "Vamp-O-Rama". In 2001 the album is sold in Scandinavia, England, Germany, Italy and other European countries through the Finnish label Cyberware Production. The homepage of Cyberware states that the album of NO-BIG-SILENCE is a magnificent masterpiece and regards it as one of the label's strongest releases today. According to Cyberware the bonusvideo "Star DeLuxe" on the western version of the album gives a good overview of the band's glamorous live-show and enthusiastic fanbase. The Scandinavian music magazine Prospective Magazine thinks that "Successful, Bitch and Beautiful" is a must to listen to. The review in the same magazines gives NO-BIG-SILENCE 8 out of 10 points. Johan Carlsson, a reviewer for the Swedish Release Magazine distinguishes the even and uniform quality of the album. "Metal riffs melded with electronic sounds on top of rock song structures make an interesting mixture, and the vocals fit perfectly." Positively surprised, he continues:"It is nice to see an Estonian band, but don't buy it because of that. Buy it because it is good."
Band name: No-Big-Silence
Location: Tallinn
Genre: industrial metal
Style: Industrial metal
Founded: 1995
Cram - Vocals Aggressor
Willem - Bass, backing vocals Aggressor
Kristo K - Guitar, keyboards and programming Aggressor
Kristo R - Drums
Previous members:
Marko Atso - Drums (1995-2000) Aggressor, Shower, Loits, Ecthalion, Solwaig, Human Ground
War In Wonderland 2006

1. Gore Gore Girls
2. She´s Got Hyper Power
3. Dreamriders
4. Diabolic Speed
5. Robot Super Lover Boy
6. The Outer Suns
7. Red Sky
8. War In Wonderland
9. Psycho Creeping
10. My Tears Are Fire

Kuidas kuningas kuu peale kippus 2004

1. Kuninga imekanad | mp3
2. Vapper major annab au
3. Tisleri imelind
4. Sepa kahurikuul | mp3
5. Koka laul
6. Tisleri kastitorn | mp3
7. Ehitame torni
8. Ei jaksa me
9. Hei pinguta ja rassi

Unreleased 2003

1. New Race [v.1]
2. Blowjob
3. Machine Of Pleasure
4. Relief [v.2]
5. Love Song
6. Under My Skin
7. Perfect Man
8. New Race [v.2]
9. Relief [electronic v.1]
10. Good And Holy
11. Nothing To Say
12. Vamp-O-Drama
13. Relief [electronic v.2]
14. Video: New Race

Successful, Bitch & Beautiful 2000

1. Porn's Got You
2. Reaction
3. Make Them Bleed
4. The Fail
5. On The Hunt | mp3
6. Modern Whore
7. The Fixing
8. Vamp-o-Drama | mp3
9. Star DeLuxe
10. Save Me Again
11. Otherside
12. Blowjob | mp3

99 1997

1. Eye Of A Needle
2. Come
3. Distinguished
4. Scarred
5. Senses
6. Relief
7. Bring Me Down
8. Too Real
9. Airport
10. Total Solar Eclipse

Tracks on compilations:
Metal Rock Cavalcade 2001

1. Star Deluxe

  • Robot Super Lover Boy
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    Kristo K -
    Kristo R -
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