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Thy Lord
In 1994 W.Gates and Aivar Tagasaar started a new band to create a mix of black and doom metal. W. Gates was more into black and Aivar more into doom metal, so this kept things balanced. Soon the first demo "Those Who Cross The Unlight" was recorded, soon after the first one came the second demo "Own Waves". In 1996 Aivar left the band and a year later released Thy lord promo resembled very much in older Emperor.
Later Thy Lord's creation has no specific genre or style, but the private hobby project of W.Gates is able to amaze with every new song - from sad melodic Katationa-like metal to grinding thrash/death metal. Gates likes to call it Experimental Metal.
Band name: Thy Lord
Location: Tallinn
Genre: black metal
Style: Black Metal
Founded: 1994
W. Gates - vocals, guitar, drums The Grey Calamity, Must Missa, Pirit, Loits, Manatark, Sorts
Previous members:
Aivar Tagasaar - bass, vocals (1994-1996)
Those Who Cross The Unlight 2004

Möh?! 1998

Promo 97 1997

1. Mardus
2. Nightfall Over The Meadow
3. Without Trace

Own Waves 1995

1. Intro
2. Askance Serenearch
3. Hemlock
4. Leviathan Threnody
5. Vernal Wind Passion
6. Outro

Tracks on compilations:
Unto a Long Glory... vol. 2 1998

1. Mardus | mp3

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