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It was April 2, 1995, on some person's (inc) birthday when SILVER and TARVO pondered over the idea of forming a new band. Burning some midnight oil and some alcohol in their livers they elaborated all aspects of the concept - and by the sunrise the new band was there. It had no name at the time, though. The first rehearsal took place on April 18. Three rehearsals were made without a bass-player (there simply was none), but soon ERKKI HAUKKA (ex-SEMETERY, guitarist) offered himself to fill the gap. It was agreed upon that this will have to work. One day Tarvo walked into the rehearsal with a suggestion of the moniker of MISERY - a name is something a band has to have. Other members accepted it. An insatiable need for a rehearsal room arose, so the band decided to build one. The garage of Markko's steady girl was chosen for the site. "SKULL ROOM" was ready within a week.
The whole summer was mostly spent rehearsing in order to feel their feet faster, so the band had to wait for autumnal concerts and festivals. On August 14, 1995 a track entitled No-one Worried was recorded in a studio. It is a ballad on the subject of Tarvo's unfortunate LSD-trip (the first and the last on December 24, 1994). Since then he hasn't used any drugs. In MISERY he's not alone on this concern. There are no addicts in this band! No-one Worried was chosen for the recording only because the radio stations, who were sent a promo track, seem to prefer melodic ballads to straightforward Thrash. To our own astonishment the outcome was more than wonderful. The track was played every other day on "Raadio 2" - a station that covers all of the republic - and stayed in "Top Raadio's" top for 15 weeks. ...Worried is also included on a compilation CD supporting Estonian bands of younger generation. The compilation is called "Kuldmehike I". On October 10, 1995 the band went to the studio once again. The outcome of this trip was a track called Where the Blind Will See Again plus an intro for concerts.
Band name: Misery
Location: Tallinn
Genre: heavy metal
Style: ....and Justice for All
Founded: 1995   RIP: 1998
Tarmo Valm - Vocal, guitar Shower, Damage, Flytrap, Forgotten Sunrise, Human Ground
Silver Suu - Guitar
Erkki Haukka - Bass
Markko Roosileht - Drums
Previous members:
Last change: 26-01-2005 added band info

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