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Ohvrikivi was born during the summer months of 1998 with the sole purpose of recording ideas to be incorporated into Must Missa songs. Must Missa was Bergs main musical entity at the time. In autumn 2000, Berg recorded a raw rehearsal demo to show some ideas, some were used, while most of the tape was dropped and forgotten about.

It was a quiet time for Ohvrikivi until Spring 2002 when a good friend of the band came out with idea to put together "Estnische Kriegskameraden" compilation featuring almost all Estonian black and pagan metal bands. Berg ended up giving final touch to two old songs and recording them in Vikings home studio exclusively for that release as a first two official songs from Ohvrikivi. Compilation finally came out Summer 2004 from Latvian label Beverina Productions. One of the songs was later added to another compilation titled "Unite the Underground World Wide Black Metal War", released by Noxs Runas Produktionen from Germany.

Must Missa became more active playing more gigs and recording their first full length album, as a result of this Ohvrikivi was once again dormant. Once Berg had moved to England and quit Must Missa, Ohvrikivi was revived once more. Through a chance meeting the unreleased rehearsal demo made its way to Herr Chemosh of Christcrusher Productions, who immediately suggested printing the demo onto tape through Christcrusher Productions.

In February 2006 the "Forgotten Screams" tape was released containing the original rehearsal demo, and as bonus both tracks from the compilation "Estnische Kriegskameraden" were included.
Band name: Ohvrikivi
Location: England
Genre: black metal
Style: pagan black metal
Founded: 1998
Berg - guitars/vocals/drums Must Missa
Previous members:
The Tenebrous Journey (split with Bladesmith) 2007

1. Conquerors of the Barbican (Bladesmith)
2. Tuhast tõus
3. In the Wake of Darkness I Shall Rise (Bladesmith)
4. Mu langenud vennad
5. Torn Asunder by Revenge (Bladesmith)
6. Through the Forest

Forgotten Screams 2006

1. I Throne Myself
2. Realms of Pleasure
3. Hirmuhigi | mp3
4. Through the Forest
5. Tuhast tõus
6. Kaaren

Forgotten Screams 2000

1. I Throne Myself
2. Realms of Pleasure
3. Hirmuhigi
4. Sured Hirmust (Must Missa)
5. Through the Forest

Tracks on compilations:
Unite the Underground World Wide Black Metal War 2004

1. Kaaren | mp3

Estnische Kriegskameraden 2003

1. Kaaren
2. Tuhast tõus | mp3

E-mail: berg (at)
Last change: 15-01-2007 added review (active from 17.1.2007.)
Band has 1 interview.
Band has 9 reviews.

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