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Kamaloka is a 5 piece metal band from Estonia. The history starts from the moment Damarus, Martin and Art met up and decided to make music. After many attempts with different musicians the guys found a bass player Diptan and a drummer named Leo. The first gigs and participation in different competitions brought really positive and good feedback, along with much critical acclaim due to their unique style of music and on stage behaviour. The first creation was born in Ferbuary 2005, a 4 song demo cd titled "Outhropheda" was recorded in Matrix Studio in Tallinn by : Damarus-Vocals, Art and Martin guitars, Diptan-Bass and Leo-Drums. This cd issued only 150 copies worldwide on release. At that time Kamaloka was influenced mostly by death metal sounds, however a desire to experiment and an interest for something new led to the decision to do something in their own unique style. After that change the band members had varied opinions with regards to their musical aspects. Kamaloka could not exist that way, and after some time young drummer Voffka took Leo's place. With a new force the band re-entered their rehearsal room to make absolutely new material for their first album. After a long period of practicing and doing gigs, new material was produced and Kamaloka entered Zorg Sound Lab Studio to record their first promo cd. "Human Phylum" cd contained four songs that showed very big changes and huge progress in Kamaloka's music. A modern sound, with more dropped down guitars, along with clean and brutal vocals and technical drums. Currently Kamaloka is looking for a deal for their first full release. Please feel free to contact them with any offers . All messages will be answered.
Band name: Kamaloka
Location: Tallinn
Genre: alternative/other
Style: Newage metal
Founded: 2003
Art - Guitar Grom, Bestia
Martis - Guitar
Dipton - Bass
Voffka - Drums
Previous members:
Kenny - Drums (2003-2005) Bloodrain
lemmy - bass (2003-2004)
Human Phylum 2007

1. Deformed by twilight | mp3
2. Inside of noone
3. Sane
4. Too late

Outhropheda 2005

1. Plaque
2. Brutal Accident
3. Belated Fear
4. Outhropheda | mp3

Soulless vs Kamaloka 2005

1. Desecration is Now (Soulless)
2. Ornate God (Soulless)
3. Peri Psyches (Soulless)
4. Urns of Hate (Soulless)
5. Plaque (Kamaloka)
6. Brutal Acciadent (Kamaloka)
7. Belated Fear (Kamaloka)
8. Outhropheda (Kamaloka)

E-mail: tiagonia (at)
Other contacts:
Martis -
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