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It was the year 1999, when the Estonian metal scene was shaken by death-like guitar riffs, fast drums and sepulchral growling not proper for the time.. The decay of a former band and serial festival “Põrguwärk” (R.I.P.), where three future Catafalc members Eero, Ando and Eero met, are to blame. Behind the beer time of the first rehearsal was agreed. The beginning wasn’t very smooth as we didn’t exactly know what we wanted to do. But then we got it clear. Death Metal! Something new or in other words something old, long forgotten, had to be brought to the scene, as change to the devastating wave of Black Metal. We went to the studio for the first time in may 2001, it was W-House Studio in Pärnu. There we recorded the song Impotent Scene. We wanted to hear how we sounded and it was also useful in the continuous search for a bass-player. We didn’t still have a bass-player. And this would have been almost fatal for Catafalc. The search was on all the time, but the biggest problem for us was the location Selja settlement in Pärnu County, who the hell would come there! But at one beautiful august night Jan called us, he offered himself for the bass-player and so pushed Catafalc to roll. We had a bass-player! He was a man of Suffocation school, he wanted to do brutal and had necessary contacts. On the October 26th, 2001 our first live took place in Bremen bar in Tallinn. It went better than we eve expected. On the January 19th, 2002 our third live took place in Nõmme Kultuurimaja. The best proof of the live is live-EP “Hard Rock Club Live 19.01.2003”, which was Jan’s idea. In summer 2001 Catafalc was shattered by leaving of the bass-player, we were back in the beginning, we had to search for a new man knowing how hard it was. But again during a concert the guitar-player Ando happened to drink beer with the well-known Uziel (Ignorabimus,Jogane Munno), who offered himself to be the new bass-player. The new guitar-playing member in the band is Muru (Instigator of Grief).
Band name: Catafalc
Location: Tallinn
Genre: death metal
Style: Brutal Death Metal
Founded: 1999
Kristo Ülper - Vocals
Ando Enns - Guitar Nitrous, Goresoerd
Mihkel Muru - Guitar Instigator of Grief
Erkki-Siim Kalbus - Drums Tarm, Third Descent, Anal Caves
Taavi Veidner - Bass Baalsebub
Previous members:
Artur Bogdanov - Vocals (2011-2013)
Uziel - Bass (2001-2013) Ignorabimus, Jogane Munno, Nihilistikrypt, Goresoerd
Ken - Drums (2009-2011) SpitBlood, Nihilistikrypt, Goresoerd
Eero Soomere - Vocals (1999-2011) Goresoerd
Omar - Drums (2007-2008)
Eero Mitt - Drums (1999-2007)
Jan Talts - Bass (2000-2001) Forgotten Sunrise, Forfeit, Killemboth, Solwaig, Khillem
Still Suffering 2008

1. Vituperated Mundane
2. Friendly Fire
3. Deviance
4. Will To Kill
5. Chopped By The Ripper
6. Mutilated To Ghoul
7. Fleshmarket Homicide
8. Organdealer
9. Still Suffering

Catakrypt 2007

1. Hälve

Pain Performance 2004

1. Masturbate with gun | mp3
2. Small World
3. Progressive Surgery
4. Blessed with Pain
5. Death in Deathrow | mp3
6. I Come, Blood on my Hands | mp3
7. Even Evil can Cry
8. Broken Bone
9. Impotent Scene

Hard Rock Club Live 19. 01. 02 2002

1. Nr. One
2. Small World
3. Masturbate With Gun
4. Impotent Scene
5. Even Evil Can Cry
6. Blessed With Pain
7. Impotent Scene *

E-mail: catafalc (at)
Last change: 06-10-2014 edited lineup
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