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Estonia's premiere melodic death metal act Mortified first rehearsed on September 18, 1992 and played live first on November 27, 1992 (How do I remember? Incidentally, these are correspondingly the death and birth dates of Jimi Hendrix). Thus started a long and bumpy road to... what? Recognition in Estonia, at least. By 1994, a demo and an MC release later, we were rooted among the top performers in Estonian metal scene together with Aggressor, Flytrap, Forgotten Sunrise et al. Relentlessly performing all over Estonia we were still neck-deep in debt. By the year 1995 the constant financial struggle became too much for Kaido and he left to explore his talent deeper in other bands like Dawn Of Gehenna and Predatory War. A replacement was found in Babushkin (Rattler a.o.), and we kept telling ourselves we were still rocking... Nobody knows exactly when the band retired, but it was the mid-nineties decline of metal that first robbed us of audiences and then of interest in continuing the band. Now, looking back at all this from the distance of a decade, I must say that the landscapes of Estonian metal would have been poorer without us, and our own lives might not have turned out as interesting and challenging as they did. We were young and eager, a bunch of good friends with a twisted sense of humour, ready for anything and capitulating to nothing. All of us are active in other bands by now, but we still respect each other. Cheers, mates!

- Mart Kalvet, October 2004
Band name: Mortified
Location: Tallinn
Genre: death metal
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Founded: 1992   RIP: 1995
Mart Kalvet - Vocals Dawn Of Gehenna, Whispering Forest, Ecthalion, Herald, Nitrous, Taak
Kaido Tiits - Guitar Predatory War, Dawn Of Gehenna
Rene 'Till' Piirkop - Guitar Misdeed
Raimo Jussila - Bass
Henry 'Suss' Hinno - Drums Rattler, Obscured, Skydancer, Must Missa, Manatark, Tanka
Previous members:
Serenity. Tranquillity. Peace. 1993

1. Intro: Jackhammerrape/ The Manifestation
2. Oblivion My Brother
3. The Twilight Zone
4. Dark Seducing Beauty | mp3
5. Misty Hours
6. Epitaph For The Mortified | mp3
7. Wilderness | mp3
8. Magic Circle
9. Solitaire
10. Outro: Stalk Thy Path
11. Still Proceeding (Bonus Track)

Introitus Mortifer 1992

1. Intro
2. Still Proceeding
3. Eternity In Our Eyes
4. Twilight Zone

Last change: 09-12-2004 added interview (active from 3.1.2005.)
Band has 1 interview.

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