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Obscured were founded in spring of 1992. Original line-up featured Magus on bass & vocals, Marek on drums and Marko Paas on guitar. After couple of months Marko invited his high-school classmates Meelis and Indrek who had just split up their former band Crematory to watch their rehearsals. As they started to jam together they realized that this line-up could work much better then the initial one. So when they left the place they
had re-formed the band. Marek took the duties of playlng bass. The band rehearsed in pure youthful exuberance and enthusiasm for months until their first studio gig in nov.1992. That resulted in "Dehumanization"
EP which showed the direction of band's evolution as well as the first ever tracks ("Corpse Fucker" and "Fever of Massacre"). As Estonian underground metal-scene was at the time very silent thanks to the poor times of the State, Obscured was only the second death metal band in Estonia afterAggressor who managed to come up with a studio recording. "Dehumanization"also broke through to the radio. "Living Suffer" was the first song that was aired in a show called "Rock Radio" which at the time was theonly show that aired metal music. Obscured also did lives in several clubs establishing themselves as one of the front-runners of local death metal scene. The most notorious live happened in a small South-Estonian town called Võru when after the concert local metalheads literally started to tear down the venue. It went so far that it needed police interference. As a result Obscured were banned in the town along with all metal music. Nevertheless Obscured didn't rest, rehearsals took place almost every day with the band constantly trying to improve their skills and song-writing. As the guys were in total sync it became more and more apparaent that Marko wasn't into it as much as the others. In addition Marek established himself more and more as a guitar player and one of the main song writers. So after several annoying things Marko was fired from the band. Margus took up the bass guitar again and Marek moved on to play the guitar. So in the early 1993 the band went to studio again to test the material for the upcoming full-lenght studio album. The single was called "Dawn of the Decline" just for the fun of it. The band wasn't exactly satisfied with the result of it, especially with the sound and mixing, but there were nothing much to do to better it because Tallinn Townhall Studio was the only place in country at the time for recording music. And amplifiers and other stuff just were relics of Soviet Age in Estonia.
But Obscured didn't stop, Marek and Meelis kept writing the songs where Indrek added acoustic elements with his touch of classical music which he studied. Margus and Meelis also kept writing lyrics sometimes replacing them with new ones. This can be witnessed the best in "The Soul of Emptiness", a track originally known as "Living Suffer" and in "Covert Origin", originally known as "Congealed Forever". Unlike other bands at the time Obscured despised Satanism and other religious inclinations so characteristic to the time and the music. They focused on social issues all around the world most notoriously in the "Another Pied Piper" which was all about David Koresh and the bloodbath of his sect in Waco, Texas.
So while appearing in some of festivals and clubs in the midst of 1993 they soon were all set to go to the studio in the autumn 1993 but Meelis managed to break his leg in a basketball game forcing to postpone the plan until the first days of January 1994. All 13 songs for "Pessimistic" were recorded and mixed in 72 hours. The time constraints are well seen in sometimes poor quality of music and especially in mixing. The least satisfactory thing on the MC - the drum sound was totally mixed to hell.
As the only way to bring your music to the masses at the time was to put it on the MC and not on CD. Obscured released the "Pessimistic" MC in the end of January 1994. Again they were second in Estonia to release death metal MC and as it appeared later only one of the few. And the last one for Obscured as well. Obscured were always trying to improve themselves and that proved to be fatal for them. Death Metal was essentially old news in the world campared to the Grunge movement in 1994 and the band was well aware of that. So "Pessimistic" was more of an end of an era for them. Later rehearsal room recordings show quite different musical orientation but due to poor recording quality it was impossible to add it to CD. Only track from post-"Pessimistic" era recorded is the live version of "The Mask of Scorn". By the time the band split up half of the material for the new LP, tentatively named "Negative" were ready, but as the bandmembers went to univerzities and quite different directions with their lives it was too hard to keep the band together. Obscured split up in summer of 1995 after being for more than three years one of the most innovative and influential band in its kind in Estonia.
Band name: Obscured
Location: Tallinn
Genre: death metal
Style: Atmospheric Death Metal
Founded: 1992   RIP: 1995
Margus Tammela - Vocals, Bass
Indrek Pajus - Guitar
Marek Seevel - Guitar
Meelis Trumberg - Drums
Previous members:
Marko Paas - Guitar (1992-1993)
Suss - drums (1992) Rattler, Mortified, Skydancer, Must Missa, Manatark, Tanka
Pessimistic 2002

1. As The Life Fades
2. World Regression
3. The Way of Re-Creation
4. Another Pied Piper
5. Wounded Eagles
6. No Harmony
7. Covert Origin
8. Time Ends All
9. The Mouldering
10. Deliverance Acquired
11. Ancient Temples Collide
12. The Soul of Emptiness
13. Perverse Propensities
14. Fever of Massacre
15. Cancroid Fear
16. Living Suffer
17. Corpse Fucker
18. Covert Origin
19. Time Ends All
20. The Mouldering
21. Deliverance Acquired (live)
22. Perverse Propensities (live)
23. The Mask of Scorn (live) | mp3
24. Another Pied Piper (Demo)

Pessimistic 1994

1. As The Life Fades
2. World Regression
3. The Way of Re-Creation
4. Another Pied Piper | mp3
5. No Harmony
6. Ancient Temples Collide
7. Covert Origin | mp3
8. Time Ends All
9. The Mouldering | mp3
10. Wounded Eagles
11. Deliverance Acquired
12. Threnode Knell
13. The Soul of Emptiness

Dawn of the Decline 1993

1. Covert Origin
2. Time Ends All
3. The Mouldering

Dehumanization 1992

1. Perverse Propensities | mp3
2. Fever of Massacre
3. Cancroid Fear
4. Living Suffer
5. Corpse Fucker | mp3

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