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Ignorabimus deathlike doomy heavy metal
Ignorabimus were 4 cool guys who liked to play music, perform on stage and think about world domination. Their music is pretty colorful and chaotic. It can be called a gothic doom-metal with influences of blues, rock and ... Read more >>

Imp melodic pagan-thrash metal
Imp was founded in the end of 2001. ‘Cause of members’ youthful age and absence of certain target, the band stood in one place for some time: they were learning instruments and made couple of broadcastings. After 1,5 ... Read more >>

Inferno progressive - power - melodic metal
INFERNO BIOGRAPHY Inferno is a band, which brought to Estonia new style - melodic - progressive - power metal. The story of Inferno goes back to the year 1998, when schoolmates Daniil Salagajev (solo - guitar), Jurii ... Read more >>

Instigator of Grief Prog-heavy
Instigator of Grief, for friends and fans IOG, was founded in spring 1998. Main members were Magz, Muru and Chopper. First rehearsals took place at Magz' home under the bandname Kryos. No serious activities until Pets joined ... Read more >>

Into Salvation Deathcore something something
Into Salvation started as a jam session band but soon grew into a full-time band. Our music is fast, definitely technical and partly melodical too. We are influenced by several death metal, hardcore etc bands. In the future ... Read more >>

Intrepid death metal
Intrepid is a five-piece death metal band from Tallinn formed in 2016. A thrash metal band in it's roots, Intrepid quickly abandoned the genre once the members discovered the Florida death metal scene. The band has so far ... Read more >>

Irdhing pagan folk industrial black metal
Irdhing was founded in the autumn of 1999. Chartered members were Dr. Peerox (bass), Imp (guitar), Heiki (drums) and Rain (vocals). In the beginning the band didn't have a name. The genre was pagan metal. In January 2000 ... Read more >>

Issidorion Epic Thrash/Death
Estonian farmer, who called himself Deathless had a dream, from his childhood he wanted to have his own metal band. Deathless used old tractor and pine wood to make himself a guitar, he played it every night being alone. ... Read more >>

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